Post 897: Andy just has to snoop…!

Curiosity and cats: You know how it is! Andy is true to the kitty creed: “If it’s there, it must be for kitty cats.” 

Andy's on my desk, snooping!

Andy’s on my desk, snooping!

Ooops! He spots me spotting him...!

Ooops! He spots me spotting him…!
“No, I’m not snooping. You just think I am….”
Andy isn’t too convincing, eh?!

Caught in the act, Andy ptepares to make a fast exit!

Caught in the act, Andy prepares to make a fast exit!

This is what I tell Andy when I catch him snooping:

Snoopy is a dog.
Andy is snoopy.
Therefore Andy is a a dog.

Hee! Hee! That gets him going!


15 thoughts on “Post 897: Andy just has to snoop…!

  1. Hey Andy, keep on snooping. Snooping is part of curiosity and we are curious, to a fault, I might add. Let your dad know that you inspect these items for his protection. The item could blow up when he touches it…hope not cuz your wee face is in it! Peeps, they don’t get it my friend.


    • I don’t know…it’s a bronze frog with its mouth wide open that can be used for flowers or pens and the like. Nothing in it right now because curiosity seekers oftentimes empty it….!

  2. RYC I am glad to know you are a musician playing trombon . One of my grandson Antoine is playing this instrument.
    I always admired the sound of this instrument . One of my prefered musical pieces is the Tannahauser Overture by Wagner . Here is a video :
    Enjoy . The trombons are majestic
    I agree with you for the “Marseillaise ” by Berlioz.

    • My personal favorites are the Baroque composers, with J.S. Back, F. Haendel, Rameau, Charpentier, Buxtehude, Monteverdi, and Pergolesi all in my most liked group of composers from that period. Jean Gilles’ “Requiem” is the most moving Baroque piece I know, and is all the more tragic for the short if brilliant life of the composer.

      The link is to a a most agreeable version of this opera’s overture. I personally love opera, but never can sit through Wagner, no matter how many lovely (and “tromboney”!) themes there are. I don’t have the kidneys for anything that long!

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