05Jun21: morning shift…

I distract Andy from his morning work when I violate his personal space to take his photo.

“Aw! You were so cute moments ago, Andy!”

Andy ponders the thought: cute or back to work… It’s not easy being a kitty boy.

Hello! That is a bird on the power line outside, a plump mourning dove!

[Andy recognizes the soft call of this bird coming from outside!]

Andy has his answer! It is the Call of the Wild!

“Kill-kill-kill the birdie!”

A kitty can dream, can’t he?


Here’s what Andy and I heard:

15 thoughts on “05Jun21: morning shift…

  1. Andy is always a cute fellow, most certain. We now have a new kitteh rescue. He is quite the big guy who can spread himself over quite a bit of territory. Also a very very furry furry, he greets Andy as another long-haired wonder. 🙂

    • They are lots of upkeep, but long-haired kitties and soooo pretty! Congratulations on joining the long-haired kitty brigade!

  2. The mourning dove made one squawk too many. I never realized the mourning dove was spelled this way. We see no doves here uness they’re at the zoo. I always thought it was morning dove and they are only seen in the morning,,,,Not to swift, eh. Why are they called mourning doves?

    Shoko and Jean

  3. I love those pictures of Andy with the eyes open wide! We have a few mourning doves around here too, as well as swallows. One swallow came right up to the window and looked Mr. Marcus in the eye before swooping off. That surprised him!

    • LOL! The bathroom window with the climbing yellow rose is a favorite for sparrows, and the screen on that window has much evidence of Andy (and the late Dougy) trying to catch sparrows that were so close yet so far away!

    • Yes, it is very common around here, and a favorite morning song of mine! As noted above, the fact one usually hears it in morning is why many people (me, too, before I became a birder and saw the name in the field guide…!) think the name is “morning dove”. It works, though.

    • It was one that I felt showed the bird and featured its call best of several. I agree with you! The person who made the video did a super jobs of it!

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