Post 1597: Christmas 2017


Neither Andy nor Dougy likes to dress up for the holidays, but my friend Deborah’s cat Charles has a different attitude about it!
Says Deborah: Yes, Charles says he would be honored to grace your blog post for Christmas.  He wants it to be known that no kitties were hurt during filming and that he rather enjoys the attention that he receives while getting into costume.  This is in fact true: my son is so amazed by his behavior and tolerance for this kind of thing (well especially mauls from [my granddaughter, Charles’ favorite kid]) that he tells me all the time that 99.99% of cats would never put up with these things – as if I did not know that.
Regardless, I’m sure Andy and Dougy wish you a blessed Christmas, as do I! And may the new year be better than the last.

39 thoughts on “Post 1597: Christmas 2017

    • Andy Dougy are a bit stuffy about it, too. So is Charles’ half brother Andre. What can I say? Anyway, a blessed Christmas to you and the ZAB Team! Lots of work for them in the coming year and I know they are eager to please you!

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    • Bon Chew, as you say! We will have just that, and I’ve already seen that you made a huge – make that HUGE! – haul this Christmas! Remember not to eat too many goodies if you don’t want an upset stomach.


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