30Dec21: it’s called being a kitty…

Never too much sleep.

Stare at Doug so he knows it’s time for…kitty food!

Doug ignores the hungry kitty boy, so he watches a little television. Then… Andy puts on a real show about how hungry he is!

Kitty food makes a kitty boy tired! Time for a nap.

Later, Andy stares at Doug. It must be time for kitty treats, maybe ‘nip!

Better response time this time. Doug’s starting to be trained better to serve Andy’s needs! Secure and full of both ‘nip and treats, Andy prepares for another nap. 

18 thoughts on “30Dec21: it’s called being a kitty…

    • I’ve had good luck getting Andy’s prescription wet food from Chewy. The availability to get the same locally from his veterinarian or from the clinic’s website, however, has been a failure. That was why I ended up trying Chewy for it in the first place. It seems the larger suppliers have better luck getting their supplies. I did have to fall back on non-prescription wet food for a day and a half recently when I ran out before the auto-shipment arrived. Fortunately, Andy is reasonably unfussy about food, but he is allergic to some.

    • That he does! He takes a drink at his water fountain after meals. That’s a good thing for a cat since they tend to get their water mostly from their food. Since Persians tend to develop kidney issues, plenty of water is a good thing! (Andy’s prescription food is designed to help prevent kidney issues from developing or get worse…)

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