Post 1200: Wow! I just noticed this!

Sometimes I forget that Andy and Dougy are pedigree kitties because they behave like regular moggies. Specifically, they are smoke Persians. Then, as their hair grows out and the characteristic smoke Persian characteristics start to show, I marvel that, well, they are really pretty kitties! 

I saw Dougy in just the right light yesterday, and took this quick if poorly composed photo of a very beautiful Dougy before he went off to be a regular kitty:110416-dougy-is-a-pretty-boy


In other “news”, I am not a touch typist. I oftentimes type a long passage and discover when I look up at the screen that the [Cap Lock] was on for a whole paragraph. After a blasphemous outburst or two, I unlock the [Cap Lock] key and redo the all caps section of whatever I was writing. Yesterday, I finally did something I should have done a long time ago: I removed that dang key from my keyboard! I never type long passages in all caps, so why bother having the key?110416-keys  


39 thoughts on “Post 1200: Wow! I just noticed this!

    • That they are! Of course, we cat people are equal opportunity cat lovers. I can tell you that all four of the cats I’ve had in my life – these two pedigree kitties and two shelter rescue moggies (both tabby cats) – are or were beautiful!


  1. Two inspirations in one post! Cap lock gets me when I’m trying to log on with passwords. Don’t know how it happens but your solutio sounds good.


    • Yeah, that’s where it ran into problems as well! Very frustrating, especially since I have complex passwords featuring numbers, symbols, upper- and lowercase words. Grrr! Anyway, removing that key already proved to be a time saver and good for my soul since I tend to become blasphemous when mad! LOL!

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  2. The thing I do not like about pedigree Persians is their nose limitation – that one is not a healthy characteristic of cats! Fur that needs human intervention to be manageable is another bugbear for me. Cats are very independent creatures and the idea they need a human to be healthy (even if it is just every few weeks when they go to the groomer) is somehow offputting for me.
    But that not withstanding: Your boys are beautiful!

    And they have fun in their life. That is what counts!


  3. I can type fairly well without looking at the keyboard, but I’ve noticed that with a computer keyboard, I hit the the caps lock button a lot. I’m not sure why—maybe as I get older, I’m not as careful (lazy!), or the keyboard on a computer is more sensitive than my old manual Olivetti. (Anyone under 45 will be saying “Huh?”) I wouldn’t go to the extreme of removing the caps lock key, since I do use it to type acronyms: but maybe computer designers should place it somewhere else on the keyboard, like above the regular QWRTY keys?


    • Hey! I had a compact Olivetti Lettera 32, and loved that typewriter! It got damaged in shipment when I was sent from New Jersey to Germany when I was in the US Army. It was a huge disappointment. Then I bought a Hermes 3000 portable, and it was also quite the thing in 1970! Loved it, too. Of course, now that I’m used to computers and how easy it is to correct errors, use spell check, etc., I wouldn’t be able to type on a typewriter without a gallon of Liquid Paper.

      I agree with you. Keys like that need to be placed where they are less likely to be hit accidentally. [Num Lock] is one of those keys I wish didn’t exist, though I once read where it actually served a purpose. Yeah, sure! LOL!

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