20Aug21: kitty food time…

Andy scratched on the arm of my chair to let me know he wanted something from me. I ignored him for a moment till I finished an email, then looked up to find Andy giving me a big judgmental stare. Uh oh! Kitty food time!

I prepared the kitty food, but Andy now acts like it was something else he wanted when I said, “Andy, there’s kitty food over here. Eat it before the flies do! KITTY FOOD!”

I go over to Andy to “skritch” him. His eyes glaze over in that pre-“zoomies” look. Maybe he will go after the food now!

Nope! “Andy, it’s time for your kitty food. You have some waiting at the kitty food place.” I plead, but he just stays there on the recliner footrest. Shortly after I put my smart phone/camera down, he initiates a “zoomie” that ends up at the kitty food place. All this drama from a kitty boy who usually runs ahead of me when I just say the words “kitty food”!

16 thoughts on “20Aug21: kitty food time…

  1. dood….sum timez round heer….well, like a LOTTA timez round heer, de food servizz gurl just does knot…get it….when we want sum thin !!! like last nite, her gave uz food and we wanted ta go inta de garage !!!!! sheesh !! ☺♥

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