21May23: Sundays are for lazing…

Andy has Sundays mastered!


Yippee! Today is the day the whole town will be back in the Dark Ages while city crews work on the electrical system. Nine hours – 1:00 PM till 9:00 PM – for the fix is anticipated. I ordered the taco pizza yesterday so have pizza left over for today’s lunch, which I’ll probably eat around 11:30 or noon.


I have a full charge on both my laptop and smartphone, so can piddle around a bit on either or both for some part of the dark times. After that, I will take a nap, my usual afternoon “activity” anyway.

I decided against driving out of town to the Twisted Turtle, leaving the trip for some time I’m not doing it alone. The hassle of carrying air, too, is a factor since I’m a novice at handling the small bottles, let alone the large ones! I’ll be safer at home, where I can navigate my apartment easily.

I don’t need to wash clothes until Monday, if then. I think I have a couple shirts and changes of underwear, the only things I would likely need anyway. If I work it right, I’m not going anywhere till Tuesday, dialysis. 

27 thoughts on “21May23: Sundays are for lazing…

  1. Hi, hello, meow from the cat a/k/a JUNE. We used to visit. Then lost you, some how, some way. Now FOUND again. Much is different. But we’ll keep up, be back: odd, while your electric is out today, my city (Baltimore) has shut off all water today? No one yet knows why …

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  3. I hope the power upgrades go well, Doug. It was wise to stay home with Andy and weather the outage in place. I saw your comment above. I hope you will not have to be on oxygen long.

    • We ended up having power where I live. I realized later that we had the same work down on our electrical a few weeks ago!

  4. I’m wondering why the city utilities department chose to shut everything down on a Sunday, when most people are home during the day. It’d be smarter to do the work late night/early in the morning, say, from 12 to 7 a.m. I suppose it’d be difficult to work in the dark, though PG&E has no issue with turning on these glaringly bright spotlights to work on their power lines at night. (Says one who unwillingly got to watch them work overnight.) Anyway, I am glad you and Andy are prepared for the Dark Ages! Though it would have been nice if the city gave you a solar oven so you could heat up your pizza. 🙂

    • Then we had power where I live! I recalled later they’d had us shut down during the afternoon for the same work a few weeks ago.

  5. I love the first photo of Andy, he looks like the king of his domain! I’ve seen ads on TV about very small, portable oxygen generators if that is what you are wearing, Doug. Good on you for staying home, I love being at home!

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