Post 1967: kitty burrito…

Around that eye looks a little icky, but that’s the medicine over-flow after I gave Dougy his eye drops. Between Dougy and me, we clean it up. I just wanted to show you how I restrain my kitties to give them medicine. I can’t believe I used to give them medicine without wrapping them in a towel! Impossible! And they do have claws. 

13 thoughts on “Post 1967: kitty burrito…

    • Much appreciated! Yes, he is healing nicely, and has been a very, very good kitty about being dosed. Frankly, I’m surprised because he’s even become accepting of being on held on his back. He used to go into a panic if even close to being put on his back.

    • His last drops are scheduled for tomorrow, Monday the 21st. He actually has been mostly very cooperative. He even seems less traumatized by being held on his back. I wish I figured out the towel swaddling business the first time he had to have these eye drops! He was a terror to dose back then!

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