16Mar21: not today…

I watch Andy for activity. Today, I will get good stuff on the wee sweetie!

Maybe not.


Blizzard City here this weekend, with a bit on Monday, Tuesday. Should be slowing down by today. Black Beauty, my VW Golf Sportwagen, should be able to navigate the snow we have now, but I have got it stuck in snow before. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go anywhere till today, and the roads should be mostly cleared enough for me to drive safely.

23 thoughts on “16Mar21: not today…

    • This being March, the white stuff is nearly gone and it’s warmish during the daytime here. I think he’s glad not to have to go out in it anyway since he thinks it’s scary “out there”! (I agree with Mom!)

  1. in the past I drove my motorbike then my cars whatever the weather, Doug . I am sure I would not do this again, now !!! 🙂
    I like the second photo of the sleepy Andy ! 🙂
    In friendship

    • I used to ride my ten-speed Peugeot EU8 bike on the narrow secondary roads of Germany. When the busses or trucks passed by, you got a thrill! I can’t believe I did that.

      Yeah, that’s a good one of Andrew!

  2. Probably winter’s last hurrah. We also had a blizzard on the weekend but its supposed to get warm like 51f by Thursday. We’re excited! The sun will be out. It’s sunny now so perhaps the sun will actually leave and the ground thaw so we can find our nip again. Some dirty fuzzy face chewed the nip down to a little spot in the dirt last fall so we’ll have to see if it has enough energy to grow this year.


    • We still have some snow in next week’s forecast, but it will be with rain. I hate that because walking on ice with a cane is an invitation to fall.

  3. That is some snow, Doug! Yes, March, and even early April here can still throw surprises. Hope your snow melts soon and conditions are better for you being able to get around.

    Good to see Andy cat!

    • I’m not thrilled with cold but my car is pretty good on bad roads. Of course, I’ve been driving cars since the Pilgrims landed, so I’m pretty experience with bad road driving.

    • They were pretty sloppy this morning, but I didn’t have any problem driving on the roads. Of course, I’m an experienced driver in these conditions.

    • I’m not a fan, though I can deal with it up to the point it’s deep enough to get my VW Golf Sportwangen stuck in it. Being an European car, of course, it is a bit lower to the ground than American cars, but VW raised it a bit for US and Canadian conditions.

  4. WOW! Snow still there… It is the best thing to watch snow from inside… Thank you dear Doug, have a nice and safety day, Love, nia

    • I totally agree, nia! In fact, one of my favorite things to watch is big, fluffy snow falling. This time of year, that’s typical snow.

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