19Aug21: happy times and not so happy times…

Just like me, I mess with Andy and he messes my hand up!

Yeah, another expensive cat toy that the kitties figured out in no time, then stopped playing with it.

How to make Dougy really happy!

Poor kitties! Lawn day is never a happy time for kitties.

14 thoughts on “19Aug21: happy times and not so happy times…

    • You were smart not to get it. Andy and Dougy figured it out in minutes, then ignored it any time I put it down. After several months, I put it down again, and the kitty boys played a round or two, then ignored it again. The advertisement suggested kitties would have hours of play with it. Yeah!

    • That they are. I’m glad I made so many of the brothers because they bring back memories of events I forgot, like the absolutely clean carpet. LOL!

    • It was wasted money since the kitties both realized all they had to do was lie down next to it at the “mouse” would come to them.

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