Sir Charles Neville, a very special cat.

“I purchased this painting in a tiny shop nearby — two black cats and a sable cat at Cluny, the medieval cloister also nearby.  The artist, Pouchelon aka Pouch, was an illustrator for Le Monde.  Most of his paintings feature cats!  He obviously anticipated the arrival of my two black kids and my sable kid.  Even the proportions are perfect: hefty Charles in the lead, wiry André in the middle and dainty Serena bringing up the rear.” quoting Deborah in her account of how she got her three cats from Maine to Paris. 

My friend Deborah once took her three kitties to France. Their full adventure can be read if you type Post 1022 in the search box and enter. Two of the three cats have gone on to the greatest adventure of all now – over the rainbow – and, sadly, Charles joined the late Serena on August 31, 2011. Charles’ half brother André survives.

Deborah shared a project she’s put together in Charles’ memory with me. I knew he and the other kitties were special – pedigree – Bombays, yet little did I know Charles had been featured on Animal Planet in “Cats 101: the Bombay”! This purr baby – because Charles had a constant purr according to Deborah – seemed to fit the classic definition of the breed, with his desire to snuggle with his humans, for example, and which Charles did especially with his special human BBF, Deborah’s young granddaughter!

Deborah writes: “He stole my heart, immediately, with his purr, and then his self-assured swagger, and his loving nature.” 

Charles is the kitty boy on the grooming table in the video, as well as the one following after the human, and coming out from under the bed. Deborah speculates that part of why he was chosen by the producers of the program was his expressive eyes.
Here’s a better look at those eyes – Charles in front, André behind.

04Oct21: sneaking a “boop”…

A chance to sneak a “boop”! Andy’s sleeping!

Ooops! Missed.

Closer, but Andy’s well aware now that I’m…

…trying to sneak a “boop”! Bullseye! >BOOP!<