30Nov21: watching birds…

The late Dougy enjoyed the back window for bird watching.

Of course, so did Andy!

The north bathroom window was even better because there’s a rosebush right by the window. Lots of birds there!

27Nov21: rub-a-dub-dub, rub Andy’s head….

When Andy’s really, really, really…


…I can rub his head and he won’t wake up! (He loves to have his head rubbed this way.)


25Nov21: “I’m sure it’s kitty food time…!

Andy stopped by.

He seemed preoccupied. He wasn’t really sleeping…

…but was acting on edge.

Stretching out, he pretended not to have any specific agenda.

Yeah! Kitty baths are a good diversion!

Andy was – >hint! hint< – trying to let me know he thought it was time to feed the kitty!

He was an hour early, poor kitty! 


It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, and, as every child knows, it takes forever for the meal to be served. Andy’s impatience is normal for Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA.


24Nov21: discovery…

Andy stopped by to snoop what I was doing on my laptop.

“What!? What!? What!?” Andy notices something of concern.

“I didn’t tell him he could use my images in his posts!” Andy just now learns Doug’s been using hundreds of his images over the years. Oops! This will cost him lots of Greenies and ‘nip!


Dougy was such a sweet kitten. This is how he spent his time when I was on the computer.

23Nov21: distractions…

Andy just finished a fine round of kitty treats, ‘nip, and kitty food. Time to clean up!

But he is distracted by this mug…

…and stops in his tracks till Doug lets him sniff the contents – coffee. Kitties don’t like coffee, Andy! (He knows that, but he has to snoop on anything new in his territory!)

22Nov21: retro kitties and me…

This blurry photo, taken with my webcam, is the sole photo I have of my first kitty, Freckles. Freckles was a really sweet kitty girl that died at the veterinarian clinic after being spayed. 

Andy was ugly-cute as an eight-week-old kitten! 

This was my header photo “back then”.

“Skritch” my tummy! Andy taunts me in this photo when he was a young kitty boy.

“Take my ‘nip, Kat Boy!” I can tease back!

The late Dougy always had a fascination for snow…. 

Dougy’s sense of adventure got him into a mess once. While I held the door open long enough to check the amount of snow that fell, he slipped out. I didn’t realize he’d gotten out until I got back from dialysis several hours later. He was found not too far from home, hiding behind a snow drift. He was very happy to get back inside! I was afraid he was gone forever.

Louie got in my way, but isn’t that a cat’s job!?

Louie was a really good kitty boy, mostly!

21Nov21: “What you been doing?”

“What you been doing, Andy?”

“Oh! From the lint on your face, I guess you been chasing dust bunnies under beds!”


This sweet photo of the late Dougy popped up on Facebook memories this morning! It is too good not to share here, too.