07Oct21: Sam is a tuxedo kitty…

Andy’s waiting by the door. A tuxedo kitty comes around to see him each night.

Andy gets on the little red chair and stares at the tuxedo kitty; the tuxedo kitty stares back. This goes on for a long time, and neither kitty makes a sound or moves.

But, until the little tuxedo kitty comes around, Andy just waits by the door.

[The tuxedo kitty is a dead ringer for the late Taco. Is it one of his progeny? Does someone own this tuxedo kitty? Or is it a feral kitty like Taco was? I haven’t been able to determine if it’s a kitty boy or a kitty girl, so I just call it “Sam”, as in “Samuel”…or “Samantha”!] 

For those subscribers who missed out on the video, Taco the tuxedo kitty boy was a neighborhood regular for his lifetime, and he was one tough, little kitty. See the reaction of Andy and the late Dougy to this new “toughie”!