08Dec21: no, kitties don’t like applesauce….

Andy insists on knowing what I’m eating…


…kitties don’t like applesauce!

15 thoughts on “08Dec21: no, kitties don’t like applesauce….

    • Well, his prescription chicken cat food smells really good, and one could use it as a spread on bread if one wanted to spend that kind of money for human food….

  1. “Apple sauce is made for humans” , Andy says . Do the human eat catnip ?
    Thanks, Doug, for your interesting comment and your ancient blog about your family. I liked and commented .
    In friendship

    ( ps: I misplaced my comment , here is the good place ! 🙂

    • Actually, you can make a mild tea with catnip that has some of the same soothing qualities as chamomile tea! I’ve never tried it because I personally find the scent of catnip a bit off putting. I imagine the flavor of the tea would be similar. Besides, chamomile tea is much nicer to smell and taste!

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