09Dec21: “mousie”…

“What?! What?! What?!”

Andy sees the toy “mousie” on his back.

“Not amused, Doug!” Andy gives Doug his “Freezing-You-With-My-Liquid-Nitrogen-I-Am-Not-Amused-Eyes-of-Instant-Death” look….

Geez, kitty, give me a break! I’m just trying to make fun for my kitty boy!



24 thoughts on “09Dec21: “mousie”…

  1. I guess Andy is not up to playing this morning. 🙂 I remember once watching Abby drive a slipper around the house with her face in it. When I took it from her, I discovered a real mousie inside hiding down in the toe away from her little face! That was a surprise for me to see the little mouse eyes looking back at me, but it was many years ago back the old house, which we nicknamed “The Mouse Hotel”.

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