10Dec21: Touched yer tail, Andrew!

I touched Andy’s tail to get his attention.

His reaction was instantaneous!

Of course, he wanted to sniff my hand for evidence – Andy scent – I was the guilty party.

Then he ran off to the other room so he could have some peace from me….

19 thoughts on “10Dec21: Touched yer tail, Andrew!

    • LOL! Yes, especially this time of year where I live, an innocent “boop” on the nose can end up being an electric shock that is very upsetting for the kitty boy and me!

    • It’s static electricity season, for sure, Michel, but I didn’t see any sparks this time. On the other hand, what Jackson Galaxie talks about (excellent video!) holds true. Andy has a low tolerance for being held for any length of time, and he lets me know by body language when he wants me to stop petting him. The tail twitches, his ears fold back, he moves away from me. Of course, i usually go too far with him and he lets me know, in degrees, just how far I’ve over-stepped my welcome. He’ll nip me a little on my hands. If I still don’t pay attention, the next time he gives me a bit harder bite. I’m sure he’d draw blood if i totally blew it! He also will do the same thing with his paws. The first warning is soft-pawed with no claw, then the next one is a little claw, till he draws blood (I imagine) if I totally ignore him!

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