20Feb22: Andy asks, “Where did you ‘leaf’ it?”

I put the ‘nip leaf on Andy’s little red door chair. I thought he’s enjoy a little challenge finding the treat. 

“…but it’s always, always here!” Andrew thought. He could smell it but didn’t catch on to the little game to find the ‘nip

I held it above the troubled, perplexed kitty…

…and he finally realized where it was.


20 thoughts on “20Feb22: Andy asks, “Where did you ‘leaf’ it?”

  1. Andy is lucky you grow fresh catnip for him! Ours is outside, and will be up enough to take some in a month or two. We will see how the garden does. The weather is taking a turn and the forecast is for 12 degrees by Wednesday morning.

    • It’s looking a bit stressed at the moment, so I’m trying to get by with commercial dried ‘nip till the fresh ‘nip recovers. Andy isn’t pleased!

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