02Mar22: some miscellaneous photos…

This is one of my favorite photos of Andy’s late brother, Dougy. He oftentimes folded an ear over like this when he cleaned his face after kitty food time. I found Dougy to be a comedic kitty!

In August of 2019, my friend Larry was sitting on his porch in a suburb of Cleveland when a Google Earth car passed by and photographed him. He doesn’t recall seeing the car.

…and here is where it began! This is a photo of Andy (and me) the day I picked the little darling up. Dougy came around a few days later.

This is a photo every Nebraska school child remembers from Nebraska history class. It is from the state historical society, History Nebraska’s Solomon Butcher collection. Of course, the cow isn’t on the roof of the soddie (a home made of sod cut from the prairie), it is on the side of a sandhill. (The soddie’s roof is flat.) The Nebraska Sandhills proved to be better ranch country than farming as disturbing the soil lead to destabilizing the dunes, which then blew away creating deep depressions called blowouts. Many a Nebraska child remembers playing in these blowouts, where the cool sand filled every crevasse and, especially, one’s shoes!  


As the saying notes, “Life is good! Cats make it better!”

In an election, the people of Alliance voted to change the county seat from Hemingford to Alliance. That necessitated moving the courthouse, which was done by train in 1899.

28 thoughts on “02Mar22: some miscellaneous photos…

  1. I remember that folded ear photo of Dougy!

    So they moved the courthouse itself! That looks like a feat of engineering for back then. Must have been a shortage of building materials back then?

    • It may have been because it was relatively new and that made good sense to the citizens. The building still exists as a private home.

  2. Wow. It’s hard to believe it would be easier to move the courthouse than build a new one. (Of course, I live in an old farmhouse that was moved from its original location when General Motors bought the land it was on.)

    • Imagine doing it with a team of hoses. I’ve seen photos of that kind of move. Yeah, Dougy is on my mind every day. He was a super kitty. You7 always can find Dougy in videos at phainopepla 95 on YouTube or by using the search box on this blog. I regularly get old photos here that way.

  3. wow the old photo is interesting!!! we love it to walk back via photos… btw: we had this google cars too. they took a photo of our car loaded to the brim with old cardboard boxes we had to dispose. as streetview was new all friends looked up the photos of the homes of others… it was a message-a-thon to answer all the questions about the stuffed car … and thanks google, now all people think we are messies ;O))))

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