23Mar22: “Do not love me!”

Andy can be minding his own business when I feel an urge to give him loving…

…but sometimes he freaks out as soon as I touch him.

He tries to resist but…

“…oh, yeah! I love it when you scritch up and down my back!”

Andy can be a strange little kitty.

On the other hand, my sister Kathy writes, “Nothing like a kitty sleeping on my lap to get the blood pressure down!” She sent these two photos of her kitty girl Saki sleeping on her lap:

Andy could learn from Saki! He prefers not to be held much.


March used to be a month of celebration in my family. Three of four of us kids were born in March. Sister Marijean on the 11th, me on the 22nd, and today, March 23rd, my brother Dick was born. Both Marijean and Dick have died, leaving just Kathy, my Seattle sister, and me alive in our immediate family.

Dick was a very straight forward fellow. He was exactly what he seemed to be, no artifice. He hunted, worked in various lumber mills, rode a motorcycle, drove pickups, was great with kids and animals. There always was a dog or cat in the family, and oftentimes, there were more than one when one of the girls had to leave a pet with Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grand Dad because they couldn’t have pets where they were going. My kitties, Louie, Andy, and Dougy, each in his time, love, love, loved Dick, and were excited when he came to visit.

Yes, all the photos I used for Marijean’s birthday on the 11th’ post, work here for Dick’s, too. Marijean, Dick, Kathy, and me, in birth order.

Marijean, Dick, and our Scottish Grandmother, in front of her home.

Marijean, me, Kathy, and Dick in front of our home.

I’m exhausted with the sadness of the day, both in Ukraine and in my own home. I miss both my siblings a lot, especially in March, when we used to have three birthdays to celebrate.

The late Dougy and Dick. Dick and I enjoyed our annual time together. My kitty boys loved him, too.