The Holi Festival of Colors is today in India!

This has been the year many, many Indians have signed up for my posts. Though I am unfamiliar with most of the holidays of India, I am familiar (sort of!) with the Holi Festival of Colors because I’ve seen videos showing the activities. And what activities they are! Enjoy the video and read up on the holiday that is today, 18 March 2022!

Best wishes to my Indian friends on Holi Festival of Colo(u)rs!! 

(It looks messy but fun!)


The 18th of March 2022 is a Muslim holiday as well. Lailat al-Bara’ah, begins today as well. I’m not familiar with the holiday, though I know it precedes Ramadan by two weeks. Best wishes for my Muslim friends as they prepare for the holy month of Ramadan!

18Mar22: St. Andrew Cathedral, Kyiv…

Please excuse me for getting really serious for a change. As many of you know, I named Andy after St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. My mother’s family – mother and father – both immigrated from Scotland, and Andy’s name is in honor of their origin.

St. Andrew was one of Jesus’ apostles and he is honored in many countries as an early missionary, often the first missionary for Christ. Poor little Andrew James Thomas, the Persian kitty! That’s an impossible load to put on a mere cat!

Who Was St Andrew? |

Andy’s just a little kitty.

There is a church in Kyiv named for St. Andrew. Historic, beautiful, in danger along with the rest of Kyiv from monsters from Russia. Monsters? Over-stating the case? Would normal people target a theater harboring a thousand women and children trying to survive war? Destroying historic churches would be a snap for such people. I hope I am wrong. 

St Andrew’s Church, Kyiv – Wikipedia