30Apr22: pooped kitty…

Andy ignored the kitty toy. 

I dropped it right next to him and called his name.

He pretended to sleep, with the kitty toy at his feet.

Then he sniffed it…

…and rolled over on his back.

This wasn’t our best play session, but we’d played a rough house session a few minutes earlier with another toy.

Andy was pooped!

28Apr22: end of the day…

Minding his business…

…Andy notices…

…an object of interest.

Well, if not a “RAWR” moment, a possible “rawr”.

Andy played hard earlier.


…it’s time for a cat nap!

27Apr22: Saki’s new scratching post…

Saki, my sister’s kitty, got a new scratching post, just like the one Andy has.

She doesn’t know what to think of it.

My sister writes: “Saki’s cactus scratching post came Saturday.  If I ever have to put it together again, I won’t follow the directions.  I will put the large post on before the two smaller ones.  I had a heck of a time putting that one on because it was heavy for me.  Saki was afraid of it and wouldn’t go near it!  I finally put treats on the base and she ate them, but I don’t think she has scratched it yet!  That’s my strange kitty girl!  I think she will eventually realize it won’t attack her and will use it.  In the meantime, it’s a nice decoration for my minimalist living room!”
I know how that goes. I get Andy a really nice cat tree for his birthday, and this still is his favorite place to sleep!

26Apr22: Andy’s day off…

Andy’s pooped from all of the playtime with the bag of refrigerator top found toys. (Just writing that is pretty tiring and a bit too much specificity!) I let him have time off today to restore himself.


The soldiers of Australia and New Zealand suffered incredible depredations and losses in WWI. Their sacrifice in that war and all other wars is remembered each year on ANZAC Day. It originally honored those who served and died at Gallipoli.

As a veteran of another era, I salute them.



This film was made about Gallipoli, though it has some inaccuracies, typical of films about historical events. It is, nonetheless, a powerful anti-war film.

Veteran of Vietnam, former Governor of Nebraska and then Nebraska-elect Senator Bob Kerrey sang “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. 



25Apr22: the pleasant pass by…

I run Andy’s tail through my hand to catch his attention.

“Boop!” I give Andy the kitty greeting.

It’s chin “scritch” time.

Andy finds it…

…”très agréable“!


24Apr22: fly season is here…

“Andy! I see a fly!”

My kitty boy runs away from the scene.

“But there’s a fly, Andy!!

Of course! Andy has to sharpen his claws.

“Now, Doug…”

“…where was that fly?”

Maybe not now, but soon, there will be a “kitty-vs.-the-fly” war!

23Apr22: Dang those whiskers!

Andy is very interested in having this blade of grass!

His first attempt is thwarted by his whiskers.

Try and try again, but those dang whiskers get in the way!

I fold the blade in two, and Andy has a bit better success. Eventually, he manages to chew off part of the blade. It isn’t easy having a Persian’s short muzzle. The trick is getting the blade between his back teeth. Get it there, and he can chew some blade off. Even then, as you can see in the photo, you have to get it under the whiskers. 

22Apr 22: Andy’s happy time…

Andy spotted me near the dining area cat tree.

He immediately climbed onto the top perch.

“You know the routine, Doug!” (I just noticed the fur under his mouth is wet, a problem Persians endure when drinking from fountains.)

Aw, yes! Andy loves to be “scritched”, especially the fabulous up-and-down-the-backbone “scritch”. He’d let me do that for minutes if my fingers didn’t rebel!