03Mar22: Andy kept busy…

I invited Andy to play that old favorite where I open the kitchen cabinet doors for his “mousie inspection”.

The “Any Mousies in Here, Andy?” game generally is a hit.

Well, no mousies. Just like always! I pet and let Andy know he was a good kitty (over and over), a big part of the game and the part he love, love, loves! He made his move…

…yes, right in the middle of his favorite, nonending game!

I guess I understand why. The weather has been nice enough I left the front door open. Andy opted for fresh air and a little sun! Plus, this is where I give him his fresh ‘nip leaves. Hint! Hint!

15 thoughts on “03Mar22: Andy kept busy…

    • I opened the cabinets once for Andy, doing the “good kitty, no mousies” thing, and it became an instant expectation I’d do this if in the kitchen. It does get a bit tedious sometimes, but anything to keep the kitty boy happy!

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