05Apr22: Andy’s not done with that toy…

The attraction is strong. Andy sneaked off with “The Toy”, but I found it before he lost it.

It’s always the “In the Newspaper Folds” hunt, Andy’s favorite way to play with this toy. It’s in a darkish place, though, making photos difficult to get that are decent to post.

I decided to use flash, though there are consequences.

Yes, now this is what I’ll get every time Andy sees me pointing my smartphone at him!

15 thoughts on “05Apr22: Andy’s not done with that toy…

    • Andy reminds me he is so world-known compared with me, his scribe and official photographer that I need to bow lower in his presence! How did he put it, in Catinese, “If you don’t like it, you can kiss my furry a……”
      (Something like that. LOL!)

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