Post 771: May snowy wonderland…

Winter decided to hang on just a little bit longer here in the center of the country. The photos are looking out my back door.


apple 2

bird bath

This is how it looked yesterday morning. By midday, most of the snow had melted.


49 thoughts on “Post 771: May snowy wonderland…

    • That’s the worst problem with this sort of storm. It really weighs down trees and bushes that have leaved out, causing lots of broken branches, power outages, and property damage.


  1. Oh Good Lord tell that white stuff to go away. It is almost summer for crying out loud.
    50 degrees here at 6 am with a pollen count of 7.4
    Damp and foggy and all of the tourists who rented the camping sites at the ocean for the three day week end are praying for sunny weather, and the weather man says grab those blue tarps because it is going t pour all week end.


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