21Aug22: the hunt’s over…

Andy finally exhausted himself hunting the peacock feather. Now’s time to cool down by the fan.

Because Andy has a heart ❤️ murmur, I pay attention to his behavior during play. When he starts to flag, I slow down the play, letting him “catch” the feather 🪶 without having to work at it.

Once he catches it, I gently tug on the feather till he lets go. That way, I think, he gets the thrill of the hunt without working at it.

I never take the play to the point Andy’s huffing and puffing, though he’d go that far with it if I didn’t pay attention.


I still am doing this blog on my smartphone. Regrettably, I haven’t been able to learn an efficient way to use the reader, so am way behind following what you have posted since the notorious laptop situation began last May.

There is hope the new laptop will arrive this week after lots of lies and perfidy.

The fellow at the shop where I left my laptop for repairs needs to work on his broken customer relations model. In a small town – Alliance had 8151 people in the 2020 census – people know people and/or are related to people.

People compare notes, give business to those businesses run by people who are honest dealers, value their reputations, give honest answers to concerns about expected services or ordered products. 🤔 What a concept, Stephen!