29Sep22: dirty whiskers….

Andy got kitty food on his left side whiskers….

Good! He’s cleaning up so I won’t try to do it for him.

Uh oh! Looks like he missed it after all.

26Sep22: Mercury is home for good!

Mariah shared this evidence that…

Ziggy (tabby kitty)… 

…and Mercury (tuxedo kitty)

…have become best friends forever!

Do you have any doubts? Check out this short video of Ziggy grooming Mercury!

Quite a happy ending for little Mercury, the shelter kitty!

25Sep22: time to retire the floppy carrot…

Andy doesn’t react to the floppy carrot today.

I draw it across him.

I flop it around him.

I guess it’s time to put the floppy carrot away for now.

23Sep22: Don’t bug the kitty!

Andy’s minding his own business.

Doug thinks he’ll “boop”Andy’s nose.

Andy senses Doug’s about to “boop” his nose, so…

…he heads over to the stacked carriers and takes care of some important kitty business.


21Sep22: bugged…

Andy spots a flying insect!

Around and around it goes.

It looks like it’s about to land!

Andy takes a swat, but…

…he misses. It looks like Andy will get lots of fun out of this one!