31 Jul22: stringing along…

A rompiferous romp of rompers ’round the recliner…and a bit of string.

Andy approves of this 👏 ! Woo hoo, meow!

30Jul22: kitty massage…

The instructions say to let your kitty see and experience the sounds of the massager before using it on him or her. So far, Andy is wary of it.

What?! Seventy-how-many-days without my laptop or a suitable, equivalent replacement 🤔?

Woe is moi!

25Jul22: there’s an Andy somewhere in that furball…

I think Andy’ halfway on his back – his front half – and halfway on his side – his back end. It’s sometimes hard to tell! Cats have incredible flexibility. At an equivalent human age – high 50s equals 11 in cat years, Andy’s age – many of us were past the point where we could touch our toes, let alone get into cat-like poses like this! Andy still makes two meter jumps from one high spot to another and gets the zoomies where he runs through the apartment at speeds worthy of a young kitty.

Sixty-nine days without my laptop.

29Jul22: exploring…

Andy is looking for where I put his kitty toys. He’s close!

Day 73 without a laptop. Do you think I am being jerked around and lied to? I kind of suspect so.

27Jul22: newspaper…

Poor Andy! I finally had it with all the magazines and newspapers scattered on the floor for his amusement.

The day the maintenance guys installed the new frontroom air conditioner, I did a quick pick-up job and cleared the floor of all the scattered “kitty beds”. 😺 (That’s how Andy used the magazines and newspapers. )

Andy clearly missed the clutter so I put out one magazine and one newspsper by the recliner.

Oh, I forgot Andy also likes to chase “mousies” and other things under newspapers. He’s looking for one as I type.

Day 72 since I put my laptop in for repairs….and I still don’t have the promised replacement.

28Jul22: base of the stand up fan…

Cats! It looks uncomfortable to me but Andy frequently rests and naps on the base of a stand up fan next to one of his kitty loungers.

Seventy-two days without a laptop. I deserve a medal or something. I know! How about a laptop?!

26Jul22: sleepy boy…

Andy has had a busy morning 🌄 of kitty food and play. Time for a nap.

Day seventy of the apparent hostage taking of my laptop.

Lenovo is having their annual 😍 laptop sale of year-old versions of their line-up. If I were replacing someone’s trashed, flooded laptop, this would be the time to get the best laptop at 40% of last year’s cost. Hint! Hint!

23Jul22: “Andy…!”

Andy knows he’s “Andy” when I call his name.

Sixty-seven days without my laptop! I’m still learning how to function on my new smartphone. Yes, the old one crashed just in time to join the laptop in the electronics graveyard!

Lol! My first effort to photograph Andy responding to his name yielded this.

24Jul22: To pounce or not to pounce…

Andy contemplates his next step….

His whiskers have a strange quality that makes them hard to photograph. He does have the standard set of whiskers on both sides of his face!

Sixty-eight days without my laptop. Supposedly the insurance company of the electronics repair guy’s former landlady approved replacing my laptop with one like it. My laptop, in for repairs, was in a flood.

Hell if I know what kind of flood that could have been. Must have involved collecting two of each model laptop and boarding them on some sort of big ship. Mine missed the final call.