30Aug22: Hallelujah! Finally on the laptop!

I located a place on my laptop where usernames and passwords are stored today. I’m celebrating with two posts today, the 30th, though the other post for tomorrow and next few posts are prepared and waiting to be posted from my smartphone.

30 thoughts on “30Aug22: Hallelujah! Finally on the laptop!

    • As much as I hate setting up a new computer – and it was the typical horror story this time, too – doing anything on a smartphone is worse.

    • Me, too. I hate setting up new laptops and working out how to use a smartphone for anything but photo and video making or, um, making a phone call!

  1. WP can make our lives “interesting”. I always have issues with making comments. I get constant requests to log back in. Some of this stuff is just irritating, but I know some bloggers who’ve had major issues. Glad the you are all squared away again.

    • I just spent several minutes identifying birds a blogger spotted and photographed in Washington State and attaching links to extensive information on each species for her and her readers unfamiliar with Western North American birds. She always takes excellent photos that show significant field marks so I feel it’s the least I can do, as a former vice president of Nebraska ornithologists’ Union, to increase her interest and knowledge in birds. So, after spending the time, I went back later to make sure I was comfortable on my warbler ID – I’m shaky on warblers – I found my comment wasn’t there! I hope it is in limbo till she sees and approves it because it took a lot more time to put together than most of my comments and it will answer her questions about two of the birds’ IDs.

    • I thought it’ never happen, then, once I got the laptop, it took some set up time and complications to get back to usability.

    • I’ll have to locate that. Using a smartphone to follow posts is a tedious and time-consuming process. I ended up giving up for the three months.

  2. Yay!! I am very glad that you were able to get the new laptop up and running, Doug! Technology can be great or a real pain in the bum too. I wouldn’t mind seeing more than one post per day from you. I post a maximum of five times per day.

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