05Dec22: Andy stops by for a “scritch”…

Andy hid from me and missed his night medication, but now he wants a good “scritch”. I can’t refuse his reasonable expectation.

I hate it when he stops by after taking a drink! Persian faces act like sponges. You can see that his lower face is full of water!

Lots of times after a drink, Andy stops by and shakes his head. I “love” getting this water on me.


What you can tell from the photos is Andy really gets into “scritches” on his lower chest. He purrs and purrs! I know he’s at the peak of his enjoyment when he gives me a little nip, that is a bite. That happened after the second photo. It doesn’t hurt since it is a light bite.



17 thoughts on “05Dec22: Andy stops by for a “scritch”…

  1. The long haired cats do have a bit of a problem with watery chins. Andy looks like one happy kitty getting his scritches! Yes, the nipping thing when they have had enough. We know that one! 🙂

      • Old man Marcus cat, the late Hope’s brother, has been drinking a bit more water. He is on supplementary potassium gluconate, as his K+ levels started dropping off about 2 years ago, ahead of the usual kidney values. He’s due for blood work again in the spring. The vet and I are guessing he may have some form of hyperaldosteronism. Could be a tumor, or some sort of hopefully benign hyperplasia. Once thought to be rare in cats, Merck Veterinary Manual lists it as being more common than originally thought. Marcus likes the unflavored Pedialyte, which seems to help him with hydration. He is holding his own, annoying Nod when he is not playing with her, and getting around well. Wynken is is girlfriend he hangs out with on the cushion by the window. He visit Nano in the other half of the house (Nano prefers to avoid Nod) and they chat a bit.

    • LOL! Andy says he doesn’t stink. (Sometimes, before a kitty bath, he has a bit of a poop smell thanks to long hair. I can’t wait till his grooming appointment on the 19th – that’s when this poopy thing will be taken care of with a hygienic trim, as they call it!)

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