15Dec22: “kitty food time”….

“Have you forgotten it’s ‘kitty food time’?!”


“That’s much better. Fat and fed, I’ll sleep now.”


The blizzard eventually hit here 14 December later in the day.

The frog across the lane isn’t smiling now!

It doesn’t look too bad…

Maybe it does! I hope there is clearance on the passenger side. If so, I may be able to drive over the “drift” caused by clearing the lane, then I can finish clearing snow off my car after getting onto the lane. We’ll see.



24 thoughts on “15Dec22: “kitty food time”….

    • They are a Michelin all season tire that gets me around a lot better in this weather than the tires that were on my car when I bought it.

  1. I am hoping you have good neighbors who will help you clear any excess snow from around your car, Doug. Well, Andy looks happy now that he has had a good meal and it is nap time. 🙂

    It’s going to be cold here tonight. A mostly clear sky full of stars and it is already below freezing.

    • Yes, I’ve had some help with the walk and parking space. The lane is cleared as best they can. The snow on the south-drift side will probably have to melt in time. It’s more than I can handle. I’ll back into the space for the time being.

    • Andy suggests I do better next time….! That’s a good amount of snow for sure. Virtually all highways on my end of thee state were snowed and drifted over, though the road crews are doing an amazing job of dealing with that. The city crews are doing an excellent job of clearing roads in town, though the continuing winds blow drifts on those roads closer to the city limits since we sit in the middle of high plains here.

    • Andy won’t tolerate missing his mealtimes! He makes really mean sounds when his tummy isn’t full to the top! Actually, snow is a lot of fun if adult concerns – buying food, keeping warm, digging out your car so you can go to work, and other unfun things like that!

    • It takes a few days to sort things out here, but we’re used to and prepared with the equipment and plans to do it. In my town, for example, several main streets are designated a snow route streets. People living on these streets have to take cars, trucks, trailers, etc. off the roads when storms are predicted so the plows have a straight away to plow. These get cleared on the early hours, then the crews hit the side streets. It works out pretty well. I am able to get to dialysis at 5 am because the major roads are cleared well before 4 am!

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