17Jan23: Where’s the month going?

When Andy comes a’callin’, you best better stop everything!

“What do you want, Andy?”

We try toys. Nope!

Oh no! he’s broody tonight!

Oh! He didn’t want toys, he just wanted to look into the Ziploc bag with the toys!

What a strange kitty!


The car switch on the parking spot worked to help melt a lot of the ice my neighbor and I have to deal with, but there’s still a lot more ice to go. On my side, there most of the mess is still there on the south side, so I will continue to back up into my spot for the time being. 

Lavinia asked me for suggestions for music I thought she would enjoy. I have so many composers and pieces I like, I’m afraid I really loaded her down with YouTube links to just a few especially agreeable pieces. On the other hand, I rarely listen to the pieces on YouTube since I have an extensive CD collection and favorite performers and orchestras that aren’t always represented on YouTube. That became my “quest”, though, to listen to familiar works by different performers and orchestras in a different format. For someone who is very particular in those matters – Alicia de Larrocha for Mozart piano works alone for me! Alfred Brendel for those of Beethoven! – it was good to hear new performers and less familiar orchestras and ensembles on favorite works.  


17 thoughts on “17Jan23: Where’s the month going?

    • They are examples of concert pianists whose are especially competent playing music of specific composers, though both were great at playing any music.

      No, the parking spot melted a lot, but wasn’t completely cleared of ice. I can back into my spot and avoid ice when I get out of my car, though, so that’s as good as no ice.

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