18Jan23: ..in which Andy investigates contents of a mug….

“What?! What?! What?!”

Andy sees it and must investigate because, well, he’s the kitty!

A hop onto the end table to see what’s in the mug…..

>Sniff! Sniff! Snort!<

“Hmmm. Coffee. Kitties don’t like coffee and I’m the kitty.”

Doug moves his mug over to the ottoman – kitty snorts sometimes are juicy and he doesn’t want kitty “snort” in his mug.

Andy makes a wee mess when he lands on the ottoman. (“Dang cat!” says Doug.) Andy, of course, has to verify that the mess isn’t suitable for kitties, then…

…he hops onto the ottoman and takes a nap. Of course! 


There was pea soup fog here yesterday around midday. Any other day, you see people here driving at night with their headlights and fog lights on, using fog lights to get another level of illumination on the road and blinding drivers of on-coming vehicles. Yet today, when they have a reason to turn on headlights and those misused fog lights, I couldn’t believe how many people were driving around without either turned on. They were invisible until you nearly were upon them!

22 thoughts on “18Jan23: ..in which Andy investigates contents of a mug….

    • He’s never had milk after his mother weaned him. I don’t know if he’d drink it since he is a bit fussy when it comes to food.

  1. Yes, kitties must inspect any bowl, mug, or dish of any sort placed within reach. And if there is a way to spill it, that will happen. 🙂

    We can get some really thick fog here, too. There are always a few drivers that forget to put their light on. Worse yet are the ones that drive at their usual breakneck speed in foggy conditions. I see fender benders a lot on the main roads on days like that.

    • Yep! The local newspaper used to report those accidents as being caused by ice or snow. My father, town chief of police, used to get upset with that, noting the accidents were not caused by anything other that negligent drivers driving on snow and ice like the roads were clear.

  2. seems very serious,…actually he controls what you drink, is it good or not… working for you dear Doug,… Thank you, love, nia

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