24Jan23: the bloody mess…

Yesterday, the first thing I heard on the news was some axxhole in California killed ten and wounded ten more. What? There have been 33 mass killings in the USA since January 1st. There is an answer to this madness, but no political will to apply it. There are more firearms in the USA than people. Hunh?! Did you know that the gunman in the California murder spree was disarmed by a guy who wrestled him for over a minute and a half till he got the gun? It doesn’t always take a good guy with a gun to end a shooting, just a good and decent person with the resolve to do the right thing.


To those of you outside the USA, the whole business of the Second Amendment and unchecked firearm murders is a mystery that defies commonsense and understanding. Here’s a look at that issue. It still makes no sense after reading it, but I guarantee I, as an American, don’t get it either. Australia and New Zealand figured it out, but that solution would cause fits and insurrection if applied here.

Second Amendment | Text, Meaning, Definition, & History | Britannica