07Jan23: Kitties don’t like coffee, Andrew!

Kitties don’t like coffee, Andrew.

“I still need to sniff it…just in case, Douglas!”


I never seem to learn. If I put anything down inside of the Cat Zone, the cat needs to sniff it…just in case.

Way back when, after I came down with Wegner’s granulomatosis, I asked my doctor about having pets. I was on an immuno-suppressant drug and my concern was the germy nature of cats and dogs. With a normal immune system, I knew that wouldn’t be a concern. With a suppressed one…! Anyway, he felt there wouldn’t be a problem as long as I washed my hands often with hot soapy water, I’d be ok.

For the first few weeks after I got Freckles the grey tabby girl, then Louie the ginger tabby, I washed my hands often. Slowly, I just lived with a more normal level of hygiene. I didn’t suffer any problems.

By the time I got Andy and Dougy, kittens suffering diarrhea for the first weeks I had them, I was giving the two “poop baths” because Persians with diarrhea tend to have poopy feathers back there! I briefly washed my hands a lot again because “poop baths” required getting aggressively involved washing poop off little kitten butts.

Slowly, once the diarrhea issue settled down, I went back to reasonably typical and normal hand washing routines…till COVID-19! By then, excessive hand washing was a familiar routine and not so hard to return to.

So…having germy pets ultimately proved to be a benefit for my health. LOL! No, seriously, and I finished the coffee even though Andy sniffed it