Andy started his new year with a new newspaper to lounge on. He is mighty pleased with it!


I went out to my car the other day and punched the remote to unlock the doors. To my distress, the driver’s door wouldn’t open! I tried the other doors. They all opened, but the two on the south side, the passenger side doors, only opened a little bit because of that mountain of snow that drifted on that side. I was foolish to even go there because it meant climbing onto the drift. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

It looked bleak, then I decided I’d try climbing between the front seats to get to the driver’s seat.

My first try was feet first. Keep in mind I’m a big guy weighing a huge amount/ over 100 kilos and I am disabled. This failed! I said a few words out loud, then decided to try to go head first. To my amazement, I actually managed to get into the front of my car, though the steering wheel forced my right leg into a very unnatural and painful position. The steering wheel can be positioned up or down if you can reach the locking lever to unlock it, something I couldn’t do in that weird position.

I’ve no idea how I did manage to get my legs into the space with the gas and brake pedals but I did. Seated in the driver’s seat, I tried to start the car. The key wouldn’t turn! After more loud words, it occurred to me that I should turn the steering wheel back and forth, a maneuver that freed up the mechanism that locked it. The key turned! The car started!

Most of the snow’s melted since this photo was taken, but the drift is still about three feet/ a bit less than a meter tall.

I put the defroster on since all windows were iced over and those that open were frozen shut. Out of curiosity, I tried opening the driver’s door from the inside. The door opened. After a few more loud words, I closed the door to keep the warming air of the defroster in.

A few minutes into the defrost, I took off because the windows were mostly clear and I know from experience that the frozen windows will open by the time I drive about a mile/ 1,2 kilometers away from home, which they did.

I came to the stop sign at 10th and Emerson. Out of curiosity, I opened the driver’s window. “Can I open the door from the outside now?” I asked myself. I reached out the open window and tried opening the door. The door opened without any effort. I said some more loud words! On the other hand, the door opened now.

When I got to the grocery store, I pondered locking the car knowing I might have to reprise the acrobatics to get in the car again if there was an issue with the door not unlocking. “What the hell!” I decided. I locked the doors. Fortunately, when I came back, the doors all unlocked.  

I hate winter some days!