27Jan23: Andy’s Friday agenda…

“What’s on your agenda for today, Andrew?”

I guess that was a no brainer. 


Looking forward to getting together with my little group of friends who get together for lunch each month! Today is our day. First, we’ll get together downtown for lunch, then over to Donna’ for dessert. We got together earlier this month to make up for skipping the December lunch because it would have come at Christmas time, so January is a very social time for us! LOL!

Lots of snow days predicted for the coming week, though it doesn’t look like lots of snow accumulation.


The US Postal Service has delivered twice to me the same piece of mail to me that is clearly addressed to another address on the other side of town. It has the same house number as mine but there is nothing similar in “Toluca” and “Lane 2”, the streets where the addressee and I live. If it gets delivered to me a third time, I will hand deliver it the US Postmaster at the post office and ask if they’ve started hiring illiterates. Sadly, it is a sympathy card. I recognize the name of the family and they recently lost their husband, father. I am baffled that my address was selected out of dozens with have the same house number between my apartment and the home where this card is supposed to go.