15Jan23: remembering…

Andy resisted medication years ago. I was able to catch him by showing him my cane. You can see that isn’t respect showing on his face! Poor kitty!

Andy and his late brother Dougy always had box issues that required sorting out. Andy mostly won the box conflicts, though Dougy (looking in on Andy) sometimes just jumped in with his brother and let what happened, happen. 


These photos from four years ago showed up on Facebook. Andy with his long Persian hair and the brothers with their long Persian hair remind me of what Andy needs to be again. Though Andy’s groomer did a really good job giving Andy a lion cut, it just isn’t a good look for him. I felt bad that Dougy died two weeks after his last grooming appointment. He didn’t get to be a Persian again before he died. That made me sad on top of sad for his death. 

More snow forecast for today and most of this week. It’s not expected much of the stuff will fall today – 1/2 inch/ 1,27cm – so I can handle it. The other snow forecasts suggest there is just a chance or slight chance of snow.