30Mar23: unlikely important kitty business…

Important kitty business coming up!

Not kitty playtime?

That was very, very, very exhausting! Kitty business is very, um, hard to predict. I was sure it was kitty playtime! We’ll check back after the kitty naptime.

26 thoughts on “30Mar23: unlikely important kitty business…

  1. The Vidy didn’t work here either. (maybe it takes WP to process it. 🐱 my Washe used to run down and get one f them, but any more he waits till after his nap, then strolls down and gets them all 😼

    • I got a “This post can’t be loaded on Facebook.” message when I tried to load it, but, when I checked later, it had loaded it with the video after all. You may have something there.

    • It certainly is! (IF see you are having that same problem with getting posted as “Anonymous”, Ann Wellings! I was happy it posted your Gravitar, Ann, so I could give you a face.

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