29Mar23: watching me…

Andy sits there, just watching me. As soon as he sees me watching him, he flinches or averts his eyes.

Of course, he can kitty bathe, too, to pretend he isn’t watching me!

10 thoughts on “29Mar23: watching me…

  1. Our cats will do this too, they look at us but they keep it short. It’s my understanding from reading about cat behavior that prolonged direct looking, especially if gazes lock, is considered a challenge in the feline world. We often slow blink at our cats, then turn our heads. The cats will often slow blink back, then turn turn their heads away.

    • As often as not that’s what he’s trying to get me to do. Here, if we don’t do the “cabinet mousie investigation’ first (opening the kitchen cabinets for Andy to examine them for mousies”) first, I can prepare his food, but he won’t eat it. It gets tedious!

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