Post 1852: swingin’ Dougy…


Andy’s swingin’, too!



Post 1851: taking a rest…

Andy and Dougy had a busy morning. Now it’s time to rest. Dougy is so tired, in fact, he isn’t challenging Andy for resting on the television stand, something he would ordinarily do.

Post 1850: Andy tries to tell me something…

Andy corners me and tries to tell me something that weighs heavily on his mind…. 

“Whatsa matter, boy? Timmy in the well again?”


Andy isn’t amused. That joke wasn’t funny the first time.

“Look at the clock, sir.” (Andy is the polite kitty boy of the two! Dougy would just shout it out, mrow, mrow, mrow.)

“See what Dougy’s doing?” Andy asks.

“Oh! It’s ‘Kitty Food Time!'” So I prepare the wet kitty food for the kitty boys and hope Dougy hasn’t eaten too much dry kitty food or he’ll miss out on the chicken paté. Believe me, Andy eats it all if Dougy hesitates a moment! 

Post 1848: Molly is a stealthy kitty girl!


You’ve “met” my Seattle sister’s kitty girl Molly before. My sister recently sent me the next photo of Molly. See if you can find her!

molly hides

My sister wrote: “I panicked yesterday because I couldn’t find Molly any place in the house and knew [my granddaughter] had left the door open while going back and forth to the car. Eventually Molly walked out of my bedroom and I had looked everywhere in there.  Today I discovered her hiding place.  If you look at the center of my bed pillows, you can see a cat ear.  Now I know!



Post 1847: there are signs…


It’s clear: The kitty boys have begun to circle around me so it must be “Kitty Food Time”! (Andy on recliner; Dougy on ottoman, pouting; me behind laptop screen, hidden….)

Post 1846: Andy’s busy morning…

Bird watching…

Checking out the scene from the top of the PC…

Hey! That blinking light is, um, hypnotizing! 

After this, naps and kitty treats until kitty food time! Yes, Andy has a busy morning!

Post 1845: Dougy wakes up to the news.

Dougy waits for the news. It is the perfect way to wake up in the morning!


y2 dougy yawns

“If you can’t handle the news, Dougy, I suggest you stop watching it.”

Post 1844: Kitty food time…is LATE!


Andy is not happy! Kitty food time is LATE!!

(I overslept….)

Post 1843: Good grief, Andy!

Andy just finished his kitty treats, but is intent on begging for more. (Sorry, he’s had his limit for the day.)