Post 2317: a test of will power…


Neither Andy nor Dougy seems to “own” the new box. So today, Dougy takes it, with Andy watching from one of his favorite spots, the end table.


Yes, Dougy definitely likes the new box. Andy surely isn’t happy about that.


Surprisingly, though, he watches quietly while Dougy claims the new box for a long stay.

Then, Dougy leaves the new box to snooze on his ottoman. Andy stops by the new box briefly to sniff around.  That done, he hops onto his other favorite spot, the stacked carriers. Andy determines it’s… 


…time for a cat nap. Here’s wee Andrew snoozing under the watchful gaze of a photo of Dougy in another box. Such irony because…

…here he is, the little sneak! While Andy dozes…


…Dougy hops into the new box for a deep snooze. The moral of the story: Don’t sleep on guard duty, at least while Dougy’s around!





Post 2316: Dougy gets his, part 2…

Andy returns after the encounter with Dougy shooed him out of the new box. First, he checks to make certain Dougy is elsewhere doing his “kitty things”. Good! No Dougy in sight!

It’s been fun but Andy’s had enough of it for today…

…so he heads back to the top of the stacked carriers. That’s where he wants to be anyway.


Remember how Andy vowed to make sure Dougy got his in post 2015: Dougy gets his, part 1? Dougy never showed up to discover he just got his, courtesy of brother Andrew~! You can be sure, though, he will sniff evidence of Andy’s revenge the next time he hops in the new box!


Post 2315: Dougy gets his, part 1…

Andy feels it is his time to use the new box again. Dougy has other thoughts and conveys them to his brother through the “Unrelenting Killer Laser Stare That Sizzles The Brain Like Bacon”. Andy soon gets the message and leaves!

Dougy sniffs the box out just in case Andy left his stink – well, of course he left “Andy stink”! – then he makes himself comfortable. “Mine!” Dougy thinks and he is very happy.

There’s always the end table. Andy is satisfied for now, but Dougy will get his, soon! 

Post 2314: the new box…

Dougy tries the new box for size and finds it’s fine!


Andy is aware of this new box, too.


So when Dougy goes off to do “cat things”…


…Andy is quick to claim the new box. He, too, finds it’s fine!


The Australian Tragedy

I can’t say enough to my friends in Australia about how sad and helpless I feel about the fires destroying life and environment in their country. My prayers are that the rains will come soon, that the tragedy will be followed soon by a rebirth of the land.

Post 2313: “You are getting sleepy…!”


Dougy had a busy morning  He starts to take a cat bath…


…but succumbs to the urgings of Morpheus. His sleepy eyes are about to close.

Slowly, he drifts off. A short snooze is all it takes, then he’s up and about . You can learn from your pets: feel sleepy, take a nap! 



Post 2312: guilty…

I looked up from the laptop screen and saw the kitty boys staring, wanting my attention. Sometimes writing about the kitty boys is less important than playing with them when they want to play. In the meantime, I take their photos… Guilty!

Post 2311: a closer look…


Andy’s enjoying that wonderful thing, being a cat, when…

…I surprise him with extreme closeness! Not cool, Doug, not cool! (That second photo presages a reaction you don’t want to provoke! You are familiar by now with Andy’s “Flesh Stripping Vengeful Blood Dripping Razor Death Claws From Hell”. I know I am, and I know when I get that look from Andy, it’s time to let him have his space! Ha!)


Speaking of closer looks, this map shows where you who stopped by in 2019 live. The past year has been a big one for India, where there’s been an increase in people there following the kitty boys! They – and I – love, love, love India and things Indian, so this is a happy business for us! Thanks for stopping by!


You curious where the biggest follows are from? The US, obviously, is Nr. 1, and countries that are predominately English-speaking are in the top follows, yet there are some surprises in the rest of the top 15:

top 15

This blog began in October 2009, and here are where follows came from in that decade:

all time map

What were the top countries for people following in the past decade?

all time till 3jan20

I’m just pleased to see there are people all over the world who enjoy cat antics. Best of all, many of you share your cats me with via your blog posts, and it makes my day!

Post 2310: Dougy tries to be “kool”!

Dougy tries to sneak a long look at me, which is very rude for a cat! Closing his eyes when he notices I see him watching me, he thinks I can’t see him. I say, “Oh! Where did the kitty go?!” 

Caught in the act, he starts to take a kitty bath. Good move, Dougley, but I have your number!

Sly kitty! Dougy keeps one eye open just enough so he can continue to watch me, then he wears himself out and takes a cat nap. 

Post 2309: Andy’s new prey…

Andy notices something of interest…

…on the laptop. Does he dare?!

Oh yeah! A “mousie tail”!  Faster than a smart phone can take a photo, Andy attacks the tail and kill, kill, kills it! Sorry I missed the “money shot”. It was too cute, of course, the sort of photo you’d really enjoy for how it completed the story line. This is a cat blog, however, and missing that all important shot is just the way it tends to go. Andy apologizes for jumping the gun!

Post 2308: What? No fish either?

So I put on a cat video featuring fish in an aquarium. Surely Wee Andrew will love, love, love that

He swatted a few times at this fish or that, then made a hasty departure. What kind of kitty boy are you, Andy? No fish for you? He’s a string kind of cat no matter how I try to expand his interests!


So what about the human in Andy and Dougy’s lives?

Same old, same old. Three times a week, go to dialysis; wrap up in blankets and that lovely, warm scarf, turn on the recliner heater, and dialysize for four hours; oops – got a little blood on my shirt when the arterial needle was taken out! Other than that, do a cat blog for the hundreds of fans around the world!