Post 1738: Andy’s fine sunny day…

Andy enjoys a little sun before he cleans up.


“Say what!?” Dougy pops up out of nowhere. Andy’s main concern is the fresh supply of potent Maine ‘nip Doug (the human) just put out. Andy doesn’t like to share ‘nip!


Andy’s had as much ‘nip as he needs for now. Maybe Dougy can have some, too. Or not. Everything’s fuzzy and warm. Oh yeah! It’s Andy’s fine sunny day and it’s time for his nap!


Just in time to make the post deadline today, my Seattle sister sends this new photo of her beautiful tuxedo kitty, Molly:


She writes: “This is Molly’s favorite outdoor activity…when the sun is shining.  Otherwise, she doesn’t like to go outside.”


Here’s the other side of Molly! Her kitty cousins, Andy and Dougy, agree with her that sun is fun!

photo (6)

So does my friend Deborah’s handsome kitty boy. He’s been to France, so he should know, “Le soleil! Le soleil! Le soleil! “ (I think this is André , though light on his chest almost makes him look more like Charles….) 


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the kitty boys’ favorite kitties!

Post 1737: “What’s up, Andrew?”

“What’s up, Andrew?”

Oh! I forgot about the ‘nip I put on top of the box, but Andy didn’t!

Post 1736: Andy’s new watch post…


Andy’s well aware why I’m coming into the guest bedroom now: To catch him to give him his medicine! And his new strategy is to hide out on the nightstand in the farthest corner of the room, presumably to give him additional time to run away. Poor little guy. I don’t want him to fear me…

…so I have my own strategy! I go in there periodically during the day to just talk calmly with Andy, tell him what a good boy he is, then “skritch” and pet him till he is all relaxed and purring. 

It isn’t obvious in the photos, but Andy is purring up a storm. He has a surprisingly loud and deep purr for a little guy. It makes me happy to know he is enjoying himself! 


I’ve used the opportunity afforded by having Andy captured to give him medicine to work away on the mats in his hair.

He is tolerant of me pulling them apart manually, though he doesn’t like being brushed. On the other hand, once I’ve pulled the mats apart, a light brushing helps sort out the dead, loose hair from the attached hair.

The end result is Andy now is as  silky and sleek-looking as his brother! Little by little, when I stroke the kitty boys, I feel little mats, pull them apart while they are easily dealt with, and they and I feel better about things! I suspect Andy might even tolerate brushing more since there’s less tangled hair to snag and pull in the brush.


Dougy protested he wasn’t getting enough attention in the blog this week, so here’s something for the Dougy fans! (He has cat fuzz on his face and has been snooping to find out what Andy and I were doing over here – I brushed Andy by this lamp today.)


Post 1735: He came…. He paused….

Andy stopped by to take a pause…

…then took off to take a nap.

Post 1734: The news is good – Andy’s doing better!

Andy wasn’t happy to go into the carrier, and he protested loudly, a rare occurrence for this kitty boy. Dougy whines, but Andy usually is cool.

I sprayed Feliway inside the carrier before we had to leave. It seemed to help. Once Andy spent a little time inside the carrier, he was calm and his usual self!


At the veterinarian’s, he was his usual well-behaved self, though he did protest the cuff being placed on his foot. Then his blood pressure was taken, reading 140 on the first try, 134 on the second, and so on. Anything under 150 systolic, it seems, is in the acceptable range for kitties, and all of Andy’s readings were OK


So, what else? Andy will have two doses of medicine a day. The Feliway spray will be used where helpful, but especially in the carrier when the kitty boys need some help being calm. Because blood pressure can presage other serious chronic issues, Andy will have a blood test done twice a year to assure none of the more serious conditions has set on. We seem to be back in control!


Of course, he was a good kitty, so he got Greenies for a treat when he got home!

Post 1733: Surprise! Gotcha!

Dougy is waiting for Andy to come back into the living room. Maybe they can play “Chase”, one of their favorite kitty games! Mr. Hand sees an opportunity to…


…play “Gotcha”! Hee! Hee!


Sorry for the late posting today. I’d like to thank my Internet and television provider, Spectrum, for another hours long interruption in their service. Thank goodness I didn’t bundle telephone service with their service as that would have been out, too!


Post 1732: I try to photograph Dougy…

I try to get a head on portrait type shot of Dougy, but he reacts to the smart phone the same way he reacted to the Coolpix camera when I used flash. He looks away!


I finally get a shot where he looks straight at me, but the camera focuses on the wrong spot. Persians are so fuzzy, they seem to confuse autofocus cameras. Oh well, we’ll try another day!

Post 1730: Andy visits his veterinarian…


Andy had a veterinarian’s appointment yesterday, a follow-up exam to determine if the blood pressure medicine had brought his blood pressure down. When he was on the scale (9.4 pounds/ 4,26 kilos), he tried to escape into an overhead cabinet, but other than that, he was a very good patient.


He responded well to the technicians’ efforts to keep him calm, but still had a 160 systolic average reading, higher than the last time. His veterinarian, Dr. Y., asked me to give him the medicine twice a day till Friday, when I take him in again. 


‘I asked Dr. Y. if  *Feliway might help as Andy shows signs of anxiety. He felt it’s worth a try, recommending I spray it inside the carrier before I bring Andy in Friday. I hope it helps!


Poor Andy. My little kitty boy needs some relief from the high blood pressure before it causes him vascular and kidney issues.



Post 1729: Medicine time…is over!

While Dougy enjoys the fresh air by the front door, Andy enjoys his Greenies treat for being a good boy during his medicine time. (Well, good enough!)

Then he heads for the stereo to clean up and perch for a moment or two. Looks like a good time to follow up with some bird watching, which he did, after I put the camera down.


Andy has a veterinarian’s appointment 7 May at 1:30 to check his blood pressure for improvement (I hope) so he can continue at the same or lower dosage on his medicine. If it’s still running a bit high, the poor kitty will have an increase in his medicine dosage.