Post 1895: retro Dougy…

andyanddougyB 2262014Dougy love, love, loves his plastic tub and doesn’t share it with Andy. When I bought Andy his own tub, Dougy homesteaded it, too! Bad Kitty!


Post 1894: Andy’s new box!

Kitty food and kitty treats arrived in a big box that Andy knew was his! After I taped the corners – the box is flat with large flaps that don’t fold all the way into the box – it became a kitty cavern. Andy approves and I now have one more kitty box to live around.

Laptop died, I guess

I may be absent from WordPress for a bit till I work out laptop issues. This is done on my smart phone, a tedious an excruciatingly slow and irritating process….


Post 1903: Caturday revels…




“Woo hoo!”




Post 1902: the staredown…


I recently let you know Andy decided this is a good place to spend his day if he wants to get kitty treats…


…though it has its limitations, namely, proximity to Dougy’s established sanctum sanctorum

dougy stares andy down

And there’s Dougley now! Watch out Andy! He’s about to give you…


…”The Stare”. Don’t waver, Andrew! You can take it like a big kitty boy…


… or not. Andy ran off to the guest bedroom to hide from Dougy. “The Stare” did the trick and Dougy’s enjoying a nice nap on his ottoman.

Post 1901: Agitated!


What’s Dougy’s tail trying to tell me!? I’m not sure, but it may be he sees Andy. You know, Andy might walk past Dougy’s sanctum sanctorum, the most holy of holies, Dougy’s ottoman. The nerve!

Post 1900: Andy’s taken up occupancy…


Andy established his desire to eat kitty treats all day by hopping up on the recliner footrest and hinting. Now he decided this is a good place to, well, spend his day! Never know, after all, when the human will get up and walk in the general direction of the kitty treat place. Best better be available in case he needs to give out kitty treats! In the meantime, Andy takes a cat nap.

Post 1899: making a happy kitty boy…

Dougy expects more than wand toy play. Head rubs, massages, and a good brushing make him a happy kitty boy! He especially likes to have his chin brushed. Of course, he likes to hear me call him a pretty kitty, too!


Post 1898: Dougy’s inscrutable…

I try to figure out what Dougy wants, but nothing stops the whining. Then it strikes me. He saw me eating crackers. He wants to smell my fingers! LOL! 

Post 1897: “make do” Sunday…kitty boys on strike


The kitty boys protested. “You make us pose for photos seven days a week! You must have enough photos to plaster Nebraska!” (Well, I do….) 

“Use something you have on hand, buster. We’re on strike!” (So I have. I found this collage featuring Dougy being a poop and cheating at “wand toy”. So typical! Best of all, I don’t remember using it before!)