Post 1579: “You still want to play with THAT?!”


Gad! That kitty food bag strip still excites the kitty boys, as demonstrated here by Dougy. It’s getting a bit, um, “germy”, so I will wash it down with hot soap and water before the next time we play. I hate touching the dang thing!




Post 1578: Christmas 2017

Better be nice! Santa’s coming to town.

Doug the human is resistant to the notion that the only appropriate Christmas greeting is “Merry Christmas“, and he prefers and uses “Wishing you a blessed Christmas“. 


merry = cheerful and lively;

blessed = made holy; consecrated.

Seriously, which word better defines the significance of the birth of the Christ Child? Make your choice but consider this: the commercialism of Christmas is the war on this holy day, not some catch phrase you don’t like as well as another.



Post 1577: Move, dang it!

After waking me up in the middle of the night, Dougy needs his sleep. 

Surely he will wake up and entertain us shortly. (Hey, there’s some movement in the upper right hand corner!)


He’s awake! What amusing cat behavior will Dougy treat us to now? Can’t wait!


Of course! He raises a hind leg. Time to clean his “precious”! I’ll come back tomorrow.

Post 1576: Dougy’s busy morning…not to forget Andy


All that’s left to do is eat kitty food, and Dougy’s dreaming about that as you read. Shhh! Don’t wake the kitty!

Not to worry! Andy gets attention, too. After I made these GIFs, I showed them to Andy, who tried to paw them off the smart phone screen. Of course! He’s a kitty boy!

Post 1575: a relaxed Sunday morning…

Dougy’s “skritched” so now I need to find Andy to give him his first daily dose of loving!

Post 1574: Whew! Will Dougy get his worst kitty on..?


Dougy can’t miss that tantalizing tail! Swish~swish~swish!


Naughty thoughts torment our sweet Dougy! 

(“Don’t do it, Dougley! Don’t do it!” says the Angel Kitty on his right shoulder. The Devil Kitty on his left shoulder has a different idea. “But you can get away with it Douglas! Andy’s nearly asleep!”)


He makes a decision, perhaps not the smart one..! (What do you think Dougy will do?)


Andy’s kitty sense tells him Dougy’s interested in his tail so…


…he reminds Dougy that he has those pointy things on the end of his toes, too! “Do not pounce on my tail, buster!”


Dougy is seconds away from pouncing on Andy’s tail. Nanoseconds! Fortunately, Andy decides to head out to the kitty food place for a midday snack. It was close, Dougy Boy! Very close! Fortunately, you listened to your better angel!

Post 1573: different approaches…


Dougy’s waiting for the rootkit scan to complete. Takes eons!! Worst of all, it happens without input from the human, meaning you just deal with it when it happens and hope your life doesn’t depend on getting on the Internet. Just look at how stressed Dougy is! His fans expect daily Dougy updates. Is that hopelessness and despair etched in his fuzzy mug?

Good grief, MacDougal! It isn’t the end of the world, and the rootkit scan will be done much faster that the one hour the site suggests.


Take a look at your brother, Douglas. Andy hopped on his favorite roost and found a cup of coffee the human sat there. Did he go into panic? Call 911? Curse the darkness?


Heck no! He sniffed the coffee, which prompted the human to move it. (“Ick! Cat snot droplets in my coffee!” thought Doug, the human. “I better move my coffee mug!”)


Can you see the smugness on Andy’s mug? Hee! Hee! Andy gets his way!

Post 1571: two to tango…

Dougy and Andy slept side by side, then woke up. “Grrr! There’s Andy!” Dougy realized. “That’s not acceptable!” So…

…Dougy decided to let Andy know he was too close. Andy held his ground, though, and Dougy…


…ran off to sulk in the doorway to the guest bedroom. It takes two to tango, and Andy wasn’t about to dance!

Post 1570: Dougy knows what’s in the pill bottle…

Dougy sees the pill bottle and he knows there’s fun inside! No, not a drug high, but inside is that silly “cat toy” that is nothing more than the tear strip off the dry kitty food bag. 

Once I have his attention, I open the bottle and the playtime fun begins!

Afterwards, I put it back in the bottle so the kitty boys are safe from accidental ingestion of a piece of plastic they might chew off the strip. As you can above, this is a “chew toy”!