24Jan23: the bloody mess…

Yesterday, the first thing I heard on the news was some axxhole in California killed ten and wounded ten more. What? There have been 33 mass killings in the USA since January 1st. There is an answer to this madness, but no political will to apply it. There are more firearms in the USA than people. Hunh?! Did you know that the gunman in the California murder spree was disarmed by a guy who wrestled him for over a minute and a half till he got the gun? It doesn’t always take a good guy with a gun to end a shooting, just a good and decent person with the resolve to do the right thing.


To those of you outside the USA, the whole business of the Second Amendment and unchecked firearm murders is a mystery that defies commonsense and understanding. Here’s a look at that issue. It still makes no sense after reading it, but I guarantee I, as an American, don’t get it either. Australia and New Zealand figured it out, but that solution would cause fits and insurrection if applied here.

Second Amendment | Text, Meaning, Definition, & History | Britannica

23Jan23: the “snake”…

Minding his business…

Andy is interrupted…

…by a “snake”!

 Curious! This “snake” sticks its head into that gizmo on the end table!

Andy is perplexed!


Wouldn’t it be fun to see things the way animals do? I can guess Andy finds things baffling sometimes, but what else does he think?

22Jan23: always waiting…

Andy followed me into the kitchen.

He knew it would happen so he took care of an itch.

Yes, once again Doug’s making him wait. 


Poor Andy! He sees me head for the kitchen and there’s one thing on his mind: check the cabinets for “mousies”! (There never has been a single mouse in the house, but Andy still needs to verify this… because he’s the cat!) Of course, the reason I go into the kitchen is to wash dishes, make meals for Andy and me, or make a cup of coffee. Anyone of these activities starts before Andy comes into the kitchen to do his thing so, poor kitty, he always ends up waiting till I’m at a point I can open cabinet doors – Andy knows how to do this on his own! – for Andy’s “mousie” game.

21Jan23: Andy’s favorite kitty, Tashi, and more snow complications resolved…

“What’s on your agenda today, Andrew?”

Andy notes he likes Tashi the Bombay kitty. Deborah, Tashi’s human, says Tashi makes her laugh out loud! I’ve been following Tashi on Facebook and I know what Deborah means!


I recommend taking a look at Tashi’s Facebook posts! So does Andy.


I needed groceries yesterday but had the complication of snow.

I typically drive up on the grass to get closer to the door. If I had to carry them from the parking spot, I’d be in deep “stuff”: I just don’t have the “umph” to do that trek any longer. The alternative yesterday was to risk getting stuck in the snow from two storms.

The neighbor’s van was stuck halfway on her parking spot and halfway on the lane the day before, thanks to the “drift” caused by the plow blocking the end of her parking spot, another reason I back into mine after a snowstorm. Front wheel drive usually is enough to get me over those piles of snow.  You can see (above) the north half of my “driveway” to put away my groceries and part of my sidewalk on the lower far left where I try to have the hatch of my car positioned to get the groceries out. The VW has a plate on the underside, and that proves to be a good thing when plowing through a snow drift!

“Is the snow too deep or likely to compact so much I get bogged down in it? Or do those Michelin radial all season tires get me through, as their advertisements promise and suggest?” I thought to myself. 

You can see how much deeper the snow was on the south side and why I fishtailed! If I hadn’t run over the snow three times before hand, I probably would have gotten stuck. (It seems I did get stuck once!)

I took a test run. OK. I got through. I took a second test run, driving closer to the front door and into deeper snow. OK. I got through with a bit of fishtailing toward the end. 

The parking spots were cleared enough that I was able to drive in instead of back up into my spot and still have room on the driver’s side to step out onto paving, not a three-foot-deep drift!

A third test run served to clear a place to step once I returned and parked, a spot I hoped to get out of after I took the groceries in. It was a bit scary, though, because I fishtailed a bit plus that scary icon on my dash indicating my tires were losing contact because of ice came on. All went well, though, and the groceries are put away.


20Jan23: taking a siesta…

Andy and I are pooped today, so we’re taking it slowly.


Whew! I never seem to sleep more than four hours at a time, no matter how tired I am. I took a nap this afternoon, aware it might mean I couldn’t sleep tonight. The way I feel right now, I think that I will sleep just fine. (This was written around 7:20 pm on the 19th.)

Why is it a kitty tummy screams out “Tickle me!” when everyone knows touching a kitty tummy is almost always a risky business!? Yeah, I just tickled Andy’s tummy and Andy gave me the look that I know means my hand will die if I do that again. Of course, I will do it again.



19Jan23: “Peek!”

Before I replaced it in 2017, I had a stacked washer-dryer that was a favorite of the late Louie and Andy. This photo showed up again on Facebook and is one of Andy being stealthy. The new machine doesn’t have easy access to the dryer, but Andy sometimes studies the possibility of somehow getting into it.

Louie love, love, loved this dryer for his naps! Sadly, when he died, this is where I found him. He was a great kitty and was the predecessor to Andy and the late Dougy.

Looking for the Louie video, this video that shows how magnificent Andy’s tail was came up. This is why I was unhappy with myself for agreeing to a lion cut this last time. Andy’s tail must never be trimmed again!


I didn’t pay attention to weather reports, so got a surprise when I looked out the front door at 9:15 am yesterday. Froggy was getting buried in snow.

Yep. My car was being buried in the third snowdrift of the season, too.


Your CURRENT Local Weather Forecast Here

Weather Alert
Winter Storm Warning issued January 18 at 3:26AM CST until January 18 at 6:00PM CST by NWS Cheyenne

…WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 5 PM MST THIS AFTERNOON… * WHAT…Heavy snow ongoing. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 8 inches. * WHERE…In Nebraska, Box Butte County.

What!? Only Box Butte County – where I live – and 5-8 inches/ 13,0-20,0 cm before the snow stops in late afternoon? I need to pay closer attention to weather this time of year, I guess. Ice from the last storm hadn’t completely melted on one hand. On the other, this wasn’t a blizzard at least.


18Jan23: ..in which Andy investigates contents of a mug….

“What?! What?! What?!”

Andy sees it and must investigate because, well, he’s the kitty!

A hop onto the end table to see what’s in the mug…..

>Sniff! Sniff! Snort!<

“Hmmm. Coffee. Kitties don’t like coffee and I’m the kitty.”

Doug moves his mug over to the ottoman – kitty snorts sometimes are juicy and he doesn’t want kitty “snort” in his mug.

Andy makes a wee mess when he lands on the ottoman. (“Dang cat!” says Doug.) Andy, of course, has to verify that the mess isn’t suitable for kitties, then…

…he hops onto the ottoman and takes a nap. Of course! 


There was pea soup fog here yesterday around midday. Any other day, you see people here driving at night with their headlights and fog lights on, using fog lights to get another level of illumination on the road and blinding drivers of on-coming vehicles. Yet today, when they have a reason to turn on headlights and those misused fog lights, I couldn’t believe how many people were driving around without either turned on. They were invisible until you nearly were upon them!

17Jan23: Where’s the month going?

When Andy comes a’callin’, you best better stop everything!

“What do you want, Andy?”

We try toys. Nope!

Oh no! he’s broody tonight!

Oh! He didn’t want toys, he just wanted to look into the Ziploc bag with the toys!

What a strange kitty!


The car switch on the parking spot worked to help melt a lot of the ice my neighbor and I have to deal with, but there’s still a lot more ice to go. On my side, there most of the mess is still there on the south side, so I will continue to back up into my spot for the time being. 

Lavinia asked me for suggestions for music I thought she would enjoy. I have so many composers and pieces I like, I’m afraid I really loaded her down with YouTube links to just a few especially agreeable pieces. On the other hand, I rarely listen to the pieces on YouTube since I have an extensive CD collection and favorite performers and orchestras that aren’t always represented on YouTube. That became my “quest”, though, to listen to familiar works by different performers and orchestras in a different format. For someone who is very particular in those matters – Alicia de Larrocha for Mozart piano works alone for me! Alfred Brendel for those of Beethoven! – it was good to hear new performers and less familiar orchestras and ensembles on favorite works.  


16Jan23: recliner cat has a low impact morning..

Andy slept here last night, at least the last part of it.

When sleepy boy woke up…

…he gave himself a quick wash up. 

Doug let him sniff a used paper towel. It was a really exciting start to his day!

Yes, time to think about taking another nap.


My neighbor across the lane, Linda, called me Saturday and told me she was going to be out of town Saturday and Sunday. She suggested I park on her spot, then the ice under and next to my spot would have a chance to melt. The prospects are low since snow is predicted for Sunday. The rest of the week is supposed to be cold, with temperatures slightly below to slightly above freezing. Ugh!


15Jan23: remembering…

Andy resisted medication years ago. I was able to catch him by showing him my cane. You can see that isn’t respect showing on his face! Poor kitty!

Andy and his late brother Dougy always had box issues that required sorting out. Andy mostly won the box conflicts, though Dougy (looking in on Andy) sometimes just jumped in with his brother and let what happened, happen. 


These photos from four years ago showed up on Facebook. Andy with his long Persian hair and the brothers with their long Persian hair remind me of what Andy needs to be again. Though Andy’s groomer did a really good job giving Andy a lion cut, it just isn’t a good look for him. I felt bad that Dougy died two weeks after his last grooming appointment. He didn’t get to be a Persian again before he died. That made me sad on top of sad for his death. 

More snow forecast for today and most of this week. It’s not expected much of the stuff will fall today – 1/2 inch/ 1,27cm – so I can handle it. The other snow forecasts suggest there is just a chance or slight chance of snow.