26Mar20: No Dougy…


Andy sees Dougy isn’t around, so…

…he takes a snooze on the disputed kitty lounger!


But he still checks, just to make sure Dougy isn’t sneaking around! (Notice the shredded kitty lounger pieces on the floor! Every time either kitty boy stops by for a snooze, he has to scratch at the lounger to re-establish his claim.)


25Mar20: a slow start…

Andy plays hard to get.

Oh well. He plays on his stomach, but at least he plays!

Now he’s revved up! RAWR!


24Mar20: a kitty lounger challenge…

A little video – Andy claims the kitty lounger (on left) and Dougy challenges him. Click on the picture for best playing results.

Act Two: The boxing match! If seems Dougy is on top for now.

Andy watches from the safety of the stacked carriers while Dougy scratches the lounger to announce it is his! 


Yes, that is Dougy’s tail as he leaves the lounger. Did he win or not?


And that’s Andy, wary but in full possession of the kitty lounger! I guess Dougy had to make an effort to secure ownership of the kitty lounger, but now he’s napping under the chair in the bathroom, his usual “favorite” napping spot!


I get the question from time to time: Do the kitty boys get along? Sure! Except when they don’t. They are like any siblings.

23Mar20: fighting stress…


Dougy is beginning to feel the stress Doug (the human) feels after watching the grim news.


He thinks he’ll leave Andy alone today.

Dougy is muy restless. Mr. Grumpy needs a nap!


Not to worry. After a sweet nap, Dougy was his old, rascally self. He even chased Andy!




22Mar20: It’s my birthday!

andy sleeps on back

I have nothing new to add to The Chronicles of the Two Kitty Brothers today because it is my birthday. And it is Sunday. I’m tired from all this COVID-19 news and “things” and my gift to myself is to take a day of rest! Andy (above) agrees.

21Mar20: important kitty boy business…


Dougy wants some adventure, so…

…he looks behind the end table, where, as all kitty boys know, the kitty toys are kept…


…and a lot more. (Thanks for showing the world my mess, kitty!)

Dougy just knows there are more interesting places to go. He considers the box, then comes back to tell me something very important before he moves on: “Meow!”

Yes, kitty boys do trash dive. Now I understand what Dougy meant by “Meow!’ He asked for permission! (Andy wants me to call Jackson Galaxy to report a cat from hell so he, Andrew James Thomas, can meet his hero, but Dougy resists knocking the wastepaper basket over…this time.)


Sorry, Andy. Maybe someday. Don’t cry!


After a brief adventure in the kitchen – I’m afraid to check – Dougy realizes what he wants to do all along is clean his “precious”.

20Mar20: Where’s the birdie?

The governor of Maryland outlines his states’s response to COVID-19. In the background, a bird sings it’s call for a mate. Andy hears the bird and his RAWR is turned on!

That dang bird is somewhere! (“Horns” up!)

Behind the governor??? Hopping around these people?


Did it fly up there?


Where is that birdie?

Maryland, Andy. Maryland!

19Mar20: gracious acceptance…

Dougy stops by for a snooze on the kitty lounger. There’s a dispute over this territory lately, with Andy coming out on top.

So, when Andy comes into the front room, it seems there is a brouhaha brewing! Without a fight, Andy just plops down! (Andy on the right….) Dougy realizes he has to make a decision.

Yes, there’s always the current box available, and Dougy is happy to snooze here as well!


Sure beats their confrontation yesterday, shown in this photo!

18Mar20: Good grief, kitties!

They are at it again. Dougy decides the kitty lounger is where he wants to be after Andy used it with impunity for the past several days. Andy stops by to use it, only to get cattitude from Dougy. 

Andy handles it with grace! When your brother is being a poop, just let him be.


Dougy leaves the kitty lounger to “hide” on the path in case Andy comes back expecting Dougy to be, um, off the kitty lounger. Cat logic! 


Biding his time, a short distance away, Andy knows Dougy’s waiting in a trap. After Dougy goes into the guest bedroom, Andy follows. Who knows what happens next? They probably are sharing the bed!

17Mar20: no green here today…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you today! Hope you are healthy, not getting closer than two meters or six feet away from fellow humans, that you have sufficient toilet paper but not so much others are denied the dignity of a healthy bowel movement and a hygienic wipe.

I hope you have no plans to drink green beer – ugh! – but corned beef and cabbage is a fine meal. 

Finally, I put you on notice: If you pinch me for not wearing green, I’ll punch you! Love the Irish, but I’m not Irish. If I wear green, it is an accident or I just happened to have nothing else clean that day but the green whatever.