Post 1421: Andy’s chair…for now!

Andy knows he “owns” the recliner as long as Dougy’s not around! On the other hand, there have been times the kitty brothers shared the recliner.

Um…not this time.

Well, maybe they don’t share as much as I thought!

Why, the little poop!

Much better!

Awww! My little angels!

Post 1420: The chase is on!

Dougy wants to know: “Where is that little rascal?!”

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andy tells Dougy a thing or two, including the fact that he’s “hiding” by the open front door.

Dougy comes running! Andy slips by him and runs into the dark guest bedroom. The chase is on!


Post 1419: Caturday is for…


…hanging out with our human!


Andy concurs!


Of course, when the birds pop up outside the window, all bets are off!

Post 1418: kitty boys hangin’ out, doin’ nothin’…

“Whacha doin, Andy?”

“Nothin’, Dougy!”




“Good idea!”

So, the kitty boys got right on it! Doin’ nothin’ was just the ticket for a lazy Friday morning.



Post 1417: Andy wants to play now…

Andy wants Dougy to come and play their little chase game, the one that begins with the multi-colored fabric and a yowling Andy…


…but Dougy’s enjoying the fresh air by the open front door.

Dougy stomped his foot at Andy, which confused him. Dougy usually wants to play!


Andy looks to me for support. I rub his nose and stroke his cheeks, but he’s still upset Dougy won’t play!

Poor kitty~! Andy goes off to the front room to pout! He’ll be OK in a short time because he has a sweet nature and doesn’t hold grudges!

Post 1416: Dougy makes ready…

Dougy has a plan, but first, he needs to…

tidy up!

Well, maybe we need a bit more preparation!


Ready for Freddie! Let’s play!

Post 1415: The kitty boys watch me closely…

The kitty brothers are very interested in what I’m doing. It might be kitty food in the making! Of course, when they see me notice them, they scatter to the winds.

The beef, butternut squash (which I hope will add to texture but be cooked completely down), portobello mushrooms, beef broth, and seasonings are in the crock pot now. The broccoli, green beans, carrots, and leeks will go in later so they don’t cook into mush. Onion may or may not go in, too, since I added onion powder among the seasonings.

No, kitties! This is not kitty food!  

Post 1414: Dougy returns to the computer desk…

Dougy saw me at the computer desk and came over for some welcome “scritching”. His favorite place since kittenhood, he knows it will bring on good times…


…but, let’s face it, his flamingo-colored tub holds one cat just so! 




Post 1413: You got me up and that’s all you ate?


Dougy is the main “alarm clock kitty” in this home. After many tries of walking on me, fluffing his tail in my face, kneading my shoulder, and purring in my ear to try to get me up, Dougy finally succeeded.  One thirty is early, but it’s the time Andy and Dougy deem to be “feed the kitty” time. Dougy waited by my bedroom door.


Andy watched by the kitty fountain: kitty food will be ready soon! He is much more polite about getting me up, though he’s begun kneading me, my pillows, and my blanket, too, in an effort to encourage me to get up. I think this behavior change is in response to me sleeping past Dougy’s efforts to get me up lately. Hey! I actually made it to three thirty the other day before Dougy got me up!

Dougy made a short visit to the front door and back to the spot by my bedroom door where he started out instead of heading to the kitty food. He often lets Andy eat first. Andy was ready to eat, though, and headed to the food.

Andy was mostly done on his side since he came over to eat first. Dougy waited a bit before he came over, so barely started eating when I tried to get a photo of both kitties eating.


Oops! Shouldn’t interrupt the kitty boys when they are eating. Please excuse the break in the photo story. No “kitties eating” photo today! 


Not to worry. After a short wait, they both went back and finished their breakfast.

Post 1412: Feather play!

“What’s up, Dougy?”


“Oh! Feather play!”