Post 1479: glamour with a “u”…

I took several shots of a backlit Dougy. One never knows what one will get. Usually, it’s nothing.


Sometimes it’s a “glamour puss” shot. Woo hoo!


Andy has a different take on it: “He sniffs my butt!” Hee! Hee! Brotherly love.


Post 1478: “skitches”, please…


Dougy knows what he wants and he makes sure I get the hint: ‘”scritches”, please!

There we go. Dougy got his way and he didn’t have to say “meow” once!


Post 1477: Andy and Dougy greet me…and Dougy has a short snoop outside

Andy and Dougy always greet me at the door when I come home. Today was no exception.

Andy followed me over to the dining room table, where I took off my sandals. He sniffed them till he sated his curiosity about where I’d been.

In the meantime, Dougy took advantage of a slow-closing door that didn’t close all the way for a little outside adventure. Uh oh!

 I followed Andy back to the door, which is how I learned about Dougy’s small adventure – he was coming in the door when we got to it. I pulled the door shut behind Dougy, and he showed no indication of shame.

Hey! He got to snoop outside for a short time, and almost got away with it! I’II need to pay more attention to that door in future.




Post 1476: Willow of Salmon Brook Farms


Lavinia Ross of Salmon Brook Farms in Oregon shares her monthly blog post with her cats. Willow (above) is one of the correspondents. 

However, for this post, Lavinia writes for Willow, who has other business at the moment:

Here’s a couple of photos of Willow cat, who is somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years old, +/- a year or two. She doesn’t hear real well, but loves to eat and sleep, and look out the window.  She has breakfast served to her in bed. She’s living the dream all old cats would hope for, and I am glad to be able to take care of her.


Willow isn’t the only cat at Salmon Brook farms, as you will find by clicking on the link, but you surely will agree with me she is lucky to be an elderly kitty who gets treated like a queen!

Lavinia and Rick Ross post the Salmon Brook Farms blog posts monthly. They are a combination of reports on the Ross’s efforts to develop their vineyard and other agricultural plans, the Ross’s music careers, the kitty report on the farm, and updates on their venerable Subaru, Seabisquit.

I wonder how they manage to get their blog updated monthly, their lives are so full, yet they do, and it is one of my top favorite blogs. It appeals on so many levels. Click on the link and see what you think!


Post 1475: Andy puts out some effort to play…

The temptation is put forth! Peacock feathery fun, just react to it, Andy!


Well, he notices the action, rolls his upper body from left to right to get a get shot at it…and plays at “lazy cat play”.


You get what you get!




Frankie the Sniffer

I love ginger tabby cats, having had one myself (the late Louie the ginger cat), so this post was a real treat for me today! Frankie is one beautiful cat!

Charles asks the question about whether your cat(s) is/are “sniffers” on their walks. What do you say?

Also, I recommend anyone following my blog check Charles’ blog out. It’s on my “favorites” list.

Bad Cat Chris

Lately, “taking Frankie for a walk” has become “taking Frankie for a smell.” It seems he has to stop at every bush, shrub or flower and give it a good long sniff before we can move on.

cat Frankie smelling plantcat Frankie smelling plant

That means I have to stand and wait for him to do his business, even though Frankie’s “business” is to smell every plant in the neighborhood.  cat Frankie smelling plantcat Frankie smelling plant

I can’t imagine what he is smelling that would be alluring to a Frankie smelling plantcat Frankie smelling plant

Maybe he was a gardener in a past Frankie smelling plantcat Frankie smelling plant

Or maybe he thinks he’s a dog and just has to smell Frankie smelling plantcat Frankie smelling plant

When Chris goes outside he will eat some grass but he does not go out of his way to sniff plants. What do you think? Is your cat a plant sniffer?

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Post 1474: “Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?”

“Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?” Andy queried me. It is a significant question because Andy wanted to go into the guest bedroom, but not have to go through Checkpoint Dougy to get there.

Uh oh! That furball is Dougy!


Andy wisely takes the recliner route to the destination, but he waits till Dougy isn’t watching to finish the trip.




Post 1473: Caturday? Didn’t you call yesterday Caturday?

Yes, but maybe it was because Andy was relaxing in the window…

…or Dougy was cooling it in the doorway to the bathroom. You know, so you have to step over him in an “emergency”! 

It just felt like Caturday to me.


Busted! I thought it was Caturday yesterday, then looked at the digital calendar on the front room wall after I posted  yesterday’s (Furday’s) post proclaiming it was today. Oops! 

Post 1472: Scaredy Caturday…


Andy’s hiding under the computer desk…because he knows I want to work on mats!


He’s plotting his escape. It’s scaredy Caturday!


Dougy’s just working on being scary. Wooooo! Halloween came early this year.

Post 1471: Hmm…. Why’s Andy running to the kitchen?


Dougy’s enjoying a light nap in the dining room cat tree when his kitty boy sense tingles…. (It isn’t just Spiderman!) Something’s afoot. Yeah, kitty footsies!


Distracted momentarily by his contribution to poor housekeeping, Dougy slowly realizes…

…there’s sure a lot of cat hair on the carpet! And, oh yes! Andy’s eating kitty treats!

Dougy must have eaten before he took his nap, though, because he doesn’t go to his treat station for his share. Of course, Andy checks it out after Dougy…


…returns to the cat tree to continue his nap. He eats what he can, then takes off for his nap.


For the benefit of people who can’t imagine how I live in such a hairy mess, let me explain: I’ve put off fixing a rattle in the vacuum, supposing it was beyond my ability to fix.

That is to say, as a guy, I procrastinated, then finally just ripped the sucker apart, fiddled with some things I can’t name, put it all back together in – I hope! – the right order, and the dang thing works again!

The carpet looks a lot better, with nothing but cat “oopsie” stains to give a hint how much I need to try that steam rug cleaner out. Yeah. No rest for the wicked.