Post 2081: the misunderstanding…

Dougy just wanted me to pay attention to him. He put his paws up on my knee and had a bit too much claw out. It hurt! I yelled at him, something I don’t do to the kitty boys because I know they don’t like loud noises. Besides he didn’t know why I yelled at him. I hurt his feelings, something you can see in this photo. Awww! I felt bad. I scritched his ears and rubbed his head. I talked quietly to him and let him know he was a good kitty (mostly). He soon was back to his usual self. (He also got my attention!)


Post 2080: spying…

Andy hops on the walker for a quick snoop. What’s Doug (the human) doing? Catching on, he is! The kitty boys like the walker because they can watch me, yet be somewhat out of sight since it usually is slightly behind the recliner!

Oops! Andy sees I see he sees I see him! He slips away.

Dougy is a bit more sneaky! Yep! He’s watching me now!

Post 2079: not a cucumber, part 2…

Dougy got past his terror (?) and checked out the paper towel tube. Hmm… Not so scary afterall!

Big boy! What a brave kitty!

Post 2078: not a cucumber, part 1…

Hey, Dougy! There’s something you find scary next to your ottoman!

Now that I have your attention, that’s not a cucumber.

Of course, you react to empty paper towel tubes pretty much the same as other cats react to cucumbers. (Dougy watched the empty tube for several minutes, not knowing whether to run away or hold his own on top of the ottoman!)

Post 2077: RAWR! Hey, Dougy!

“Hey, Dougy! Look what I just tore off the new bag of kitty kibble!” Yes, it’s the tear strip, and it is a favorite kitty “toy”!

First we have a good sniff…

…then, RAWR!

Another sniff – this is unbearably exciting for Dougy!

RAWR! Good fun!

Post 2076: anticipation…

Dougy’s moments away from charging the mockingbird! The kitty boys may be bored with this toy, though, and more are on their way to our home. One is the old favorite and gauntlet used in the kitty boys’ homemade chase game, only with the wand attached. It’s cheap, so I won’t have problems if they decide they don’t want to play their game with this new wand toy.

Post 2075: ennui…

Dougy ran off with the other mockingbird. I haven’t located it yet, but there is evidence he must have played long and hard with it.

This mockingbird barely gets a rise today.

Ho hum! The mockingbird tries its best to arouse the kitty in Dougy, to no avail.

Doug grabs the mockingbird with a claw or two, but that’s about it. No “KILL! KILL! KILL!” today.

Yes, Dougy is bored with the mockingbirds!

Post 2074: Andy stakes his claim…

Andy well knows Dougy claims this favored spot on the recliner!

He doesn’t care!

He wants a comfy spot for his bath and this is just fine.

Hark! Is that Dougy he hears?

Yeah! So what? Andy holds his own on the recliner.

Post 2073: reluctant kitties…

Andy wanted kitty treats, but I made him pose. He was not happy!

Nor was Dougy…

…who fled as soon as he saw the smart phone!

Post 2072: sleep catting…

Here’s Dougy doing what he does most of the day…

…unless something happens while he sleeps.

He woke up long enough to catch the Nikko toy, then crash into deep slumber again. I think he could do this in his sleep!