Post 1539: more sleeping kitties videos…

A sleeping kitty is a temptation…

…I have trouble resisting!

Of course, sometimes the sleeping kitty so charms me I leave him alone!

But sleeping is an important part of being a kitty, so even I try to respect that time they finally prepare for naps. Sort of.



Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

Dougy and I have been up for hours, but Andy went back to sleep on the bookcase, which is by a fan he likes to have running. “I give up!” Dougy seems to say, and he leaves for kitty fun elsewhere; I stay behind.

Andy sleeps but is very aware of his surroundings the same…


…so when I touch his foot, he reminds me he has claws. DO NOT DISTURB! Continue reading

Post 1537: breakfast was early today…

The kitty boys get pretty darn excited when they think it’s time for kitty food. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just feed the little rascals early. (Their little tummies will regret it later, though there always is dry food available.)

Andy eats first many days, and Dougy waits. Of course, when Dougy eats dry food too close to chicken pâté time, he isn’t that hungry. Other days, they eat together.


Andy has to clean up after eating, but Dougy waits till he is hungry to check out the chicken pâté.




Post 1536: movie time…!

I guess the theme today is cats at play!

Andy plays best by himself because Dougy tends to take over with great enthusiasm. Andy’s my quiet kitty boy. Well, most times! This is an exception.

Hope you enjoyed the little movie show!


Post 1535: tired babies…

Dougy’s mug says it all. Exhausted!

Some days, the kitty boys are too tired to put on a show. Today is one such day. Andy’s already run off to find a quiet spot, and Dougy looks like he won’t last much longer before he falls asleep.

“But your fans expect something new each day, kitty boys…!” I protest.

Andy tries to sneak by…

“You can do something, Andy. Surely you can! Think about all those people all over the world who wake up expecting something fun from you and your brother.”

[Dougy gave up on the ottoman and sneaked away during this chat. Yep, headed for the guest bedroom and the guest bed.]

Andy asks, “How’s this: dozing kitty cat!”

Good grief! The kitty boys are not co-operating today and you didn’t come here to read about me!

Post 1534: Listen up!

Listen up!

There is some confusion – again! – about the name of this blog. Once again, weggieboy is notwedgieboy.

In the dawn of this blog, I needed a name for the blog and I chose one that related to Wegener’s granulomatosis, or GPA, a disease I have. A “weggie” is someone who has that disease. I am male  – let me see… mmm…yep! male! – hence I’m a “weggieboy” (pronounced wegg-ee-boi).

We have a range of symptoms. Some of us are in remission, some are between flares, and some never go into remission. In those times in remission, we may or may not be under a doctor’s care. Rather than think of ourselves as perpetual patients, we break it down to the term that describes us without reference of current medical status: “weggie“. My current status is “in remission”.

“Wedgieboy…GOOD GRIEF!

On the other hand, a wedgieboy (pronounced wedj-ee-boi) typically is generations younger than me. Think “adolescent male child” though older males might do this, too. They are pranksters, the bane of geeky children like I used to be.

More likely than not, wedgieboys think farts are funny – well, most boys do -, they are high energy kids, joke around a lot, but are liable to torment band kids, bookish kids, kid brothers, kids with glasses, new kids in school who have yet to establish their status within the herd, and kids with differences over which they have no control, i.e. the weak and the innocent, we the geeks. And these vulnerable kids are the natural prey for application of wedgies.

Wedgieboys may even post evidence of their activities on the Internet. If you have any curiosity about the subject or don’t know what a “wedgie” is, click on the link. 

Remember: A weggieboy is not a wedgieboy!



Post 1533: Andy enjoys the fir tree scene outside the back window…

He enjoys all the activity out in the fir tree, which attracts lots of birds wanting shelter or just a place to roost for a moment before going out for birdy business.

IMG_20171001_114050 (1)

“Whew! Did you see that?” Andy seemed to say.

Post 1532: Andy’s “fortress”!

Andy found a piece of paper on the floor. It is just the right height (.002 inch or .005mm) to perch on and defend from! Of course, other important kitty boy business happens at that staggering height, too: feeling safe, Andy takes a kitty bath! Later, he came over to me to hint for “scritching”.

Post 1531: Saturday’s two posts and fat or slim?

Sometimes I mess up and post two times in one day. Sunday’s post was supposed to be Post 1530, but I accidentally scheduled it to post at the same time as Saturday’s post. Oh well! Dougy is up early today, but Andy’s sleeping, so the photo above is about it for kitty boy action photos today!


It was  big relief finally getting the kitty boys in for trimming, and they are more active for lack of all the mats and hair. In shots before the trim, you can see how all that hair makes the kitty boys look fat when, in fact, they are slender kitties.

BEFORE: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

AFTER: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

I know some of you will prefer the fluffy versions of the kitty boys over the shorn, but they grow their hair out amazingly fast.

I do admit that their Persian heads look amusingly out of proportion for the time being. On the other hand, the groomer leaves their handsome kitty tails unscathed, which pleases my tail-proud kitty boys!

Post 1529: The “mice” will play! Hee! Hee!

Andy practices “nonchalance”, pretending to be more interested in the scene outside.

Dougy is more overt. Hanging out with me while I wait for the ride, he paces, walks under my legs, looks out the door. “Andy, he hasn’t left yet. Knock off that racket in the other room. Shh! Shhh!”

I know the kitty boys don’t just sleep while I’m gone. They have a kitty boy party!


Still waiting for news that Black Beauty, my little VW Golf Sportwagen, is repaired.

In happier days…!

I’ve had two telephone visits with AAA, one from Omaha, the other from Chicago. The two phone calls established that my bias about the need for local agents is correct.

Neither of the two agents understood that there aren’t a lot of services easily arranged for in this part of the USA, that the two major rental car companies they require you to use to get the use of the rental car benefit aren’t always available or only well beyond one’s ability to get to, and other logistical problems. 

I hope I get Black Beauty back before the snow flies!

For the time being, I’m relying on my friend Judy for rides to dialysis. Today (“yesterday” when this blog was written), she’s helping me again by driving the kitty boys to the groomers. She’s also driving me to the veterinarian clinic to buy more dry kitty food since I’m pretty much down to a day or two of running out.

I hope tomorrow’s blog will show you newly shorn smoke Persian kitties! You may not like the look, but they will be happy not to have to maintain that thick fur. I will not miss the endless hairballs and clumps of kitty fur everywhere!