Post 1486: after “kitty food time”, they beg for more…

I feed Andy* and Dougy** first, of course, then prepare my own breakfast.

They finish their kitty food, then come over to watch me fix my breakfast. It’s a regular scene out of “Oliver Twist”! [At this point, “Food, Glorious Food”, from the movie goes through my mind…!]

Dougy goes “Super Shaming” here. “Maybe there’s a crumb of spider, a gnat, or a dead fly under here…” He sucks in his tummy for dramatic effect, though I can’t see it because he is so furry.

LOL! What a dramatic performance, MacDougall! You should be in pictures! 

[*Andy is in the bottom three photos in the collage, and **Dougy is in the top two.]


32 thoughts on “Post 1486: after “kitty food time”, they beg for more…

  1. Great video clip, Doug!

    I can picture my own 9 cat sharks circling the kitchen. They get fed first too, but that doesn’t keep them from wanting to see what is in my bowl vs. their bowls! 🙂

    • I have to let them sniff what I’m eating, then always follow with, “See! Kitties don’t like mandarin oranges or [fill in the food or drink].” I may get a surprise some day and unwillingly “share” something I didn’t think would interest them!

    • They want me to share, but I don’t believe in letting pets eat food that may have herbs, seasoning, sauces that are unhealthy for them. They think I’m mean, and protest! Sometimes I let them smell the food or drink, and say, “I told you kitty boys don’t like [coffee/ tacos/ bananas / etc.]! They stop begging once they smell it.

    • That would work for me! If there weren’t dry food out all the time (they don’t over eat or I wouldn’t put it out), I’d think maybe they were underfed. It could be they want more of the wet food. Because of Andy’s food allergies, they get chicken pate all the time. I does smell tasty!

  2. “Food to try it .” The two cats could be actors ! 🙂 They are actors .:)
    Your photos are sharp and more and more expressive too, Doug.”
    btw / MY OLDEST DAUGHT R has a second Maine Coon named Mary . !!!
    In friendship

    • In a sense they are since I use their behavior to create little stories most days.

      I edit them to include those that best tell a story, though sometimes all the photos get used if they “work”.

      As for “sharp”, I try to get clear, sharp photos, but my smart phone determines the shutter speed. Cats don’t cooperate all the time and move out of poses before the shutter trips! The hardest thing to photograph is a black cat in low light and still catch them looking into the camera!

      Fortunately today, they were in good light, so the photos are clearer than many times.

      I think I’d like a Maine coon cat since they are somewhat dog-like in disposition and big enough to wrestle. Mary the Maine coon might be too much a ladycat to do that, though.

    • It’s all hair! Well, Dougy feels a bit chunky, and that’s something I always have their veterinarian give me advise me on since they are six years old, or mature kitties now, and weight can cause all sorts of problems for cats if they are too heavy for their size. I want the kitty boys to be with me, healthy of course, for as long as possible!

        • I hope she realizes that will cause your cat health issues in later life! Project for you: An internet search for the effects of cats being overweight. Two that come to mind: arthritis and diabetes, both of which require expensive medication. (How does your mom feel about catching a cat to give a daily insulin shot?) You veterinarian can advise you of best strategies for keeping them at a healthy weight, and I know mine always weighs Andy and Dougy each time I take them in for routine checkups or for specific health issues. (Blood pressure in Andy and an occasional eye issue for Dougy….)

          • Wow! I feel bad about Dougy and Andy… Anyway, I accepted the internet search; I guess that having a pet requires learning and responsibility. Also, thanks for warning about the overweight thing, I’ll warn my mom about that.

          • Too often, people see a kitten or puppy and decide they want it! (It is hard to resist them!) If they don’t know what the responsibilities of having these animals are, you have an animal that ends up tied up in the backyard, no water, abused. Or (around here), there are people who release a cat or dog in the country, thinking farmers will take care of them. Ridiculous! Different breeds of cats and dogs have different specific needs, and studying up on those before getting a Great Dane when you live in a small apartment saves the pet and the owner lots of headaches and abuse. Anyway, your pets are beautiful animals, and I hope they live long, happy lives!

          • You’re welcome! Yes, they are great companions and there are health benefits (lower blood pressure, more positive attitude toward life, among others).

      • As in everywhere. Some dogs can be the same. My landlady in London used to get indignant when her Yorkshire terrier sat in the bathroom doorway while she went to the toilet. She was his favourite human in the family – she fed him and took him for walks. He just wanted to be with her while she was at home.

        • Yes, exactly! Sometimes one ot the other will use the litterbox in the bathroom while they are both there keeping me company. Hey, as long as you’re there, why not? LOL!

    • LOL! I can visualize Phenny politely begging! (Drool? A gentle paw on your leg? Maybe a puppy whine that tears at your soul?) Yeah, those house elves would be very helpful! Mine expect kitty treats every time I go into the kitchen or near it, and believe me when i say they are always watching me for signs I am headed there! Ha!

      Incidentally, I thoroughly enjoy the adventures of your pooch in France, and regard it as one of my top favorite pet blogs.

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