02Jun21: A surprise for Andy!

Andy will be excited – a new newspaper came today.  

“Yes, kitty boy, it arrived in today’s mail!”

Andy needs a moment to take the news in.

– Sniff! Sniff! – (Yes! It is true!)

“Hey! Let me read it first, Andrew!” (Letting Andy “look” at the newspaper was my first mistake.)

01Jun21: Andy wants something…

Andy stopped by.

He wants me to pay attention.

Sometimes humans act so dumb. Andy got bored and hopped down to take off to the kitchen. (He’s been fed, so I’m clueless to what he wants once again. Maybe his kitty friend is outside?)

31May21: Andy still finds ’em scary!

“Hey, Andy!”

Once I get his attention, I point out the new block formation…

…on the end table.

Andy doesn’t react, so I knock it down to see if it interests him then. Nope!

But when I set up this small line, he comes closer.

Too much! He hops back onto the ottoman.

Tempted, but wary…

…he doesn’t budge from the ottoman.

He looks to me for reassurance.

So close but no cigar!

So I knock it down. After a short look, Andy runs off. These blocks are taking lots of time for Andy to accept!

30May21: naps are catching…

Andy’s looks like he’s fading!

Yes, the little darling is about to take a nap.

See! I predicted correctly!

It must be catching. I feel like a nap now, too.

29May21: Andy’s decision…

Andy left the room for a bit. I thought he’d decided to leave the lined blocks alone.

But no! He came back to…

…exam this change in his territory.

He climbed onto the end table. Amazingly, he stepped around the blocks, not knocking them down!

Then he turned to get off the end table…chain reaction!

I can tell Andy’s not amused.

28May21: “What is it?” – Andy still hasn’t the nerve to confront it…

Andy sees it…

…and is curious.

Deep thought.

“Should I check it out?”

[Crickets…] Andy’s still not sure what to make of these lined up blocks. Stay tuned!

27May21: Andy likes ’em violent!

“Seafood run amok?” Hee! Hee!

“Whatcha watchin’, Andy?”

“Godzilla must be bragging about the size of fish he caught…”

No, Andy likes to watch violent movies, and these Japanese lizard movies are especially intriguing.

26May21: Andy meets a new toy…

Andy doesn’t know what to think about this.

He examines the line of blocks…

…yet still hasn’t a clue. (How it stayed up, I don’t know!)

I show Andy how they knock down.

He still is perplexed!

I have a bag of 300 of these blocks. When I find a better place to set them up, I’ll see if I can get Andy “into” knocking them down! He usually  knocks things off of high places, and this looked like a natural for his amusement. I still think it is.




25May21: new fun with an old toy…

The Neko Kattipede! Andy hasn’t seen this in some time.

It interests my kitty boy! 

He takes a closer look.

The classics are the best!


Saki, Andy’s Seattle kitty “cousin”, lines her mousie toys in a line. I told my sister, Saki’s “hoomin”, that Andy takes after me – things land where they land, and tough! Maybe I should trade kitties. LOL!


24may21: a mystery…

Andy’s been trying to tell me something, but I just don’t get it.

I think he’s upset with me.

He gives me another chance…

…but mostly just gives up. “Dumb ‘hoomin’!”