Post 1309: Dougy misunderstood…

When I turned on the television, Dougy thought he was about to see birdies. 

Not this time. I believe in sitting through presidential speeches and press conferences, no matter what. This time it was – the speech in Florida – the one that sounded like a campaign speech for 2020.

[Groan!!! Put a bullet through my head. Now!



“Where are the birdies?!”


Somebody’s kitty is not happy.


Dougy’s Plan B. Worked for me, too.

41 thoughts on “Post 1309: Dougy misunderstood…

  1. You have more guts than I. Of course, being used to not having television, I have learned little happens that isn’t better reported a day or two later. Instead of birds for the cats you got news that was for the birds!

    • I think that is a good idea, no television news, I mean. Short of a nuclear war or the eruption of the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park, practically no news can’t wait! The problem with cable news is the need to fill 24 hours a day, so you get it in its most raw state. You see it over and over, with slight adjustments as facts solidify. As for Trump, he has little to say that he hasn’t said before. He is news, though, because he is president, so they broadcast his rants on the chance they might have some news value. If not, they still help fill the 24 hours!

      • Exactly Doug. I understand what Trump supporters get from all these broadcastsbut the people I know who are Trump opposers watch all these things and wind up in a frenzy. My Tae Kwon Do instructor always told us “Don’t get baited and worked up. You need focus and calm to overcome.”

    • LOL! You say that because you lucked out and live in Canada, presumably were born there, too! Here, it’s scary times for the 56% who apparently aren’t part of his America. (I’ve heard poll numbers that suggest the number could be more like 60%+, but more’s the merrier.)

        • That’s the scary part. It’s one thing to act as the world’s leader. It’s quite a different matter to say it but fail.

          My late Dutch friend used to say he felt everyone in the world of voting age should get to vote for the American president because the entire world is affected by the results of our election. There is a lot to that.

          (I’ve enjoyed your bald eagle series you’ve posted of late! I always enjoy your photography, of course, but bears and bald eagles are especially nice to see in their element.)

          • He’s more concerned with himself than the country & you can only get away with that for so long before it catches up with you. That could be the point when it gets dangerous?
            My eagle friends send out a big cherry chirp to you……….& Dougy/Andy!

          • One hopes it will all come out well, that one person in the wrong position can’t matter that much, that the Constitutional checks on that one person will save us in the end, but…! I hold my breath, try to feel optimistic about what will come to be, but it looks grim for the time being.

            I send friendly chirps back!

  2. 2 of the 3 others are ragdoll Xs so very low energy but Orion has dogs & rabbits and teens to play with. Burmese kittens are described as little tigers but the older males are meant to be affectionate lap cats. I’m still waiting.
    If you ever get the chance to visit Australia I have a spare room all waiting and a household full of pets that accept strange cats. We’d love to have you and the boys. 🙂

    • LOL! My kitties get fed their wet food on Gordon Ramsey plates that are what’s left of a set I managed to break regularly. They at the white ones with a red band that you may see from time to time in photos in this blog. At any rate, I can imagine your kitty enjoys the high energy of Ramsey, too, ort is just a proper Australian kitty!

      • My little Burmese isn’t 2 yet so he is into anything high energy or dangerous. I’m hoping he’ll settle down soon. My other Australian kitties like to sleep in sun patches.

        • I’m not familiar with Burmese kitties (except in photos) ~ are they typically high energy? The only thin I know for high energy kitties is to play, play, play with them till they work that energy out! Good luck! Persians are lower energy cats, though thy do have their moments. Your other kitties sound like they’d enjoy a visit from my kitties so they could enjoy that Australian sun together! (I’d enjoy that Australian sun myself!)

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