peach pancakes for breakfast

It’s only 24 degrees out. (Minus 2 C…!) That means two things: 1. I don’t want to go out for any reason if I can avoid it, and 2. today is a good day for pancakes for breakfast!

Here’s the plan. I opened a can of sliced peaches last night for a light dessert to top off some leftover spaghetti I had for supper. I’ll chop the peaches, combine these and the remaining juice with applesauce and egg for liquid, toss in some sliced crystallized ginger and cardamom (or nutmeg, or both), chopped walnuts, maybe some brown sugar, and blend in the dry ingredients for my pancake batter. I’ll brew coffee while the griddle heats up. I’ll pour my cranberry juice and coffee, then start the peach pancakes.

In short order, the peach pancakes will be ready, I’ll plop myself down to enjoy a yummy breakfast, and the UPS delivery person will knock on the door to make a delivery foretold in an e-mail this morning!

Of course, while I’m receiving the box – ironically with a cat food order in it -, the cat boys Andy and Dougy will check out my peach pancakes. Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! Shed hair in the food! Shed! Shed! Shed! Maybe sneeze in the coffee, which does not appeal to the boys. And finish the table intrusion by knocking over the cranberry juice when “the human” starts back to the table!

I can’t wait! I love a mess of pancakes on a cold day! Of course, the cat brothers will be excited by the box, which I will have to open if I want to eat while the pancakes are hot.