The Big 2!

Andy and Dougy are almost two years old! They were born July 1, 2011, and came into my life at about six weeks old (Andy) and 11 weeks old (Dougy). I feel blessed!

I generally don’t observe birthdays, let alone cat birthdays, but I felt like splurging this year. I ordered them a cat toy that… well, watch the video!

That’s a cat for you! Andy played with it later without incident. Dougy looked it over when it wasn’t operating, but isn’t really comfortable with it yet. That surprised me since Dougy is the more enthusiastic with toys of the boys.

5 thoughts on “The Big 2!

  1. Yes, it does have different speeds, and it uses three C-cell batteries. I think it will be a good toy for the boys- Andy in particular, but be careful when ordering it. Their website is a bit confusing. Maybe it’s easier to use the telephone number, though you then have to go through the hard sell that that entails. Also, the $19.95 (CAN$ 19.11) plus shipping and handling plus s&h for the free one ends up costing almost $35.00 (CAN$ 33.52). Anyway, I’m glad I ordered it! Anything that gets Andy’s attention and scares Dougy means Andy gets to play more than usual. Dougy loves play so much he tends to overwhelm his brother!

  2. You can imagine, I have been thinking of getting this .. I read it comes with the choice of different speeds? Thank you, I really enjoy reading about the boys! It is almost July 1, eh? 🙂

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