What you can learn from your cat: Nr. 2

We’ll call this one “Andy’s Immutable Law of Self-Respect”.

First, let me set up the scene with a short video I took minutes ago:

The law goes something like this: If others treat you like a joke, balance is restored if you bite them!

Works for Andy, let me tell you. He’s little, but he’s tough. No sense of humor, either, that Andy. Mmm-hunh! NO sense of humor.

4 thoughts on “What you can learn from your cat: Nr. 2

    • Yes, Andy and Dougy are pedigreed smoke Persians. They aren’t breeding or show quality cats, but that hasn’t made them any less loved and appreciated! They have very mild personalities (except when you try to put flea-tick-heartworm treatment on them or give them baths), and their groomer tells me they are her favorite cats!

      I had two cats before them that were moggies, a grey tabby and a ginger tabby, both dead now. They were very good cats, too, and I miss them both.

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