somewhere east of Laramie

somewhere east of Laramie

What I love about my home state, Nebraska, is how the clouds dominate all. There is a rule of thumb, though. The prettier the cloud, the more dangerous it is.

The first time I visited family in Colorado, I mistook the Rocky Mountains for clouds. I still do, though I know better. It’s clouds I expect to dominate the landscape, so my mind vaporizes mountains and hangs them in the sky.

It’s a special talent I have, this transforming mountains into clouds! Or, did I ever tell you how I can dissolve clouds by staring at them? Ha!


14 thoughts on “somewhere east of Laramie

  1. Very beautiful! It’s too bad that the nicer looking the clouds the more dangerous. But I suppose it’s the rules. Tell Andy and Dougy I said hi! And give them a pat for me!

    • It is beautiful and huge. It was the tail end of a storm moving away from me. Closer, the cloud was angry and dark. [Andy and Dougy say, “Thanks! We needed that!” I’ve been neglecting them this morning, which I know because that’s when they bring this one particular toy and set it down at my feet. Dougy brought the toy and >meowed< plaintively. Aw! Of course, once they have my attention, they ignore me. Ha!]

      • =(^+^)= =(^+^)=

        Ha! And don’t I know it! They sent Dougy in because they know I think Dougy is the playful, sincere one. The effect is/was like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick. Charlie takes a run at the ball, Lucy pulls it away, Charlie falls on his back and says “Argh!” The boys both are snoozing now. I think I’ll go pet them. You know, wake them up from their beauty rests, annoy them with “wuvving” till they think, “Oh, maybe I really want him to do this afterall”, then leave. Three can play their game!

    • Dougy managed to find a really good hiding place, so I didn’t get a chance to annoy him. Andy, on the other hand, is a strange little cat. He resists most attempts to be nice to him. However, when he just wakes up, he has the sweetest disposition. My plan failed! He refused to be annoyed!

    • Actually, Dougy just walked up to me, >meowed< once, and I took advantage of his sweet nature. I gave him a belly rub, picked him up, then didn't stop petting him and "wuvving" him till well past his point of tolerance. Andy can work me, but Dougy needs to work on his game! Ha!

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