A lovely spring day!

The predicted high for today is 74 degrees F [23 degrees C]. The sky is overcast, and rain is in the works for tonight. On this July 28th, typically a time in the middle of the hottest part of the year where I live, we are having something like a lovely spring day! 

Andy’s sprawled on his back by my desk, a typical business for this little cat. On one hand, he’s very trusting to expose his tummy to the fellow (me) notorious for the “got-yer-tummy!” game. On the other hand, he’s positioned directly under a ceiling fan. Must feel good, even though it isn’t hot! 

Not  sweating today! That's the midday temperature at top.

Not sweating today! That’s the midday temperature at top.

Dougy’s nowhere to be seen, but I know what he’s up to. It’s midday, nearly so, so the cat brothers are having themselves a midday nap. 

I’m tempted to join them on this lovely spring-like day!

=(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)=

I spoke too soon. Dougy just came over to Andy and patted him on the tummy. Andy bounded up, assuming the stance of a serious predator, all four paws on the ground, tail fluffed out and raised high! Dougy got the reaction he wanted! Dougy found something else to amuse himself, now that he’d ruined his brother’s nap.

Andy slipped off for a midday snack of cat crunchies, not to be confused with the mid-morning Greenies break. Dougy’s looking for more trouble to get into.

So much for the midday nap!