humor in small events

Each of my cats has special things he likes me to do. Dougy’s always has been the head rub. Even as a kitten, he’d barely get up on my computer desk to get one of these delicious sessions! Today was no different from hundreds of other days he worked me for a head rub, but it ended in a hairy mess: this is shedding season!

I took a look at my blog statistics recently, only to learn that no one actually watches videos I put in my blogs. I was astounded! I guess I see each component of a post as complementary to all other elements in the post, part of an integrated whole. When I read other people’s blogs, I check out links and other extras they’ve added to their text because oftentimes the extra content makes the post, no matter how well-crafted the prose. Think of them as the salt and pepper to the meat of the post.

Today’s video isn’t brilliant stuff. It’s taken with a webcam for one thing, and lots of it is softly focused, which to say, barely focused to not at all. The content, the context it provides for the prose, however, is critical for the very light dose of humor this post offers up. Until you see the video, “shedding season” isn’t funny particularly. “Hairy mess” isn’t funny particularly. “Head rub”, it just occurred, is ambiguous and a little risqué. Watch the video, however, and all these not so funny elements form the denouement of a slight sight gag!

That, friend, is why I ask you to watch the video with open eyes and mind, a little patience, and a willingness to see humor in small events!