lawn maintenance and Andy the Persian cat

Andy and Dougy are tough little cats. The racket of a major thunderstorm doesn’t phase my boys.

They got through the excessively loud Fourth of July, worst one I remember. Not a whisker out of joint!

We live near a senior care center and two major roads. Lots of ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks blazing through our neighborhood (or “into”) day in and out, any hour of the day, yet my little cats handle it with great sang-froid.

In my opinion, they would make great warriors since nothing much bugs them. Except…

Even then, don’t you think Andy handled himself very well?

Yes, my cats are tough little cats! I bet my cats can lick your cat, your dog, and your Mama, one hind leg stuck straight up in the air!

Come to think of it, where was Dougy was during this interlude? Dougy! You can come out now, sweetie! I promise. The lawn mower’s gone, and the vacuum cleaner’s just sitting there. I promise not to use it just yet! Dougy? Dougy? Did Andy chase you again?